Hollywood movies How Fruits Are A Style And Fashion Statement For Beauties ?
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How Fruits Are A Style And Fashion Statement For Beauties ?


By Style_Glamour

Fruits have always be known for fitness , nutrition , vitamins and much more components to be fit and healthy.But nobody have had ever thought that in coming time or in future , they will become a Style and fashion statements for beauties.Isn`t it?


Fruits look citrus , their colour and shape attracts everyone eyes, now imagine if a gorgeous women is holding is holding a fruit clutch , A beauty carrying an attractive clutch with attractive colour , isn`t that will look gorgeous and amazing.


Carring a fruit clutch , now a days is not only a glamour statement but it also enhances the style and the beauty of divas.


Now a days , there are numerous fruits clutches avaliable in the market from banana , to strawberry to lemon to orange.They are compatible with all dresses and attire and look stunning and attracts every eye.


It is always said you should always move with the trend , so beauties are you following this fruity trend of fruit clutches , if not grab all , and if you are , you are really a fashionista.


Now fruits have become a style and glamour statement , along with taking care of diet and health , so hurry and grab all fruits to enhance your look in all way both terms of fitness and beauty.Below are some of the fruit clutches that are avaliable online as well as ib market , just have a glance-


Orange Clutch


Orange , a citrus fruit , when it is in a hand of a beautiful lady , it will create wonders for all.


Lemon Clutch


Lemon , also a citrus Fruit , looks yum but the yellow colour of this clutch attracts every eye.Compatible with White , it will give an ultimate look to diva.


Strawberry Clutch


Red is a colour of attraction , so there should not be any doubt , wear it with a red lipstick on face , and it will look stunning.


WaterMelon Clutch


Look at this , again a red colour of attraction with little black seeds , isn`t this clutch amazing.This will enhance diva glamour for sure.


Cherry Clutch