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10 Amazing Toners to Soothe Dry Skin

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Dry skin is an uneasy condition. Some may have natural dry skin while others may have the same due to variety of reasons. In retail, a massive variety of toners are handy. Simple lifestyle adjustments and adoption of appropriate skin type toner can restrain and soothe dry skin.

The primary purpose of a toner is to eradicate residual oil, dirt, and dust; an excellent toner will further help to strengthen the water balance of your skin while greatly improving your skin’s touch simultaneously. It will control redness and flaking of dry skin. Toner not only helps to boost moisturizer but also to re-balance skin after using a cleanser. Most toners are water-based liquids composed of distinct active ingredients including plant extracts and essential oils, confirmed to address a range of skin types. Mainly there are hydrating toners, relaxing and soothing toners, and astringent toners. Toners that contain grape seed oil and antioxidants helps to trap water in skin.

You might consider turning to a gentler, water-based lotion during the summer months if your skin becomes less dry than.

So, here’s the list of ideal & best facial toners for dry skin.

1)  Pomegranate Facial Toner

v  Ingredients:-

·         Organic pomegranate seed oil from Turkey

v  Pros:-

·         Removes traces of make-up and impurities

·         Clarifies and refreshes skin

·         Leaves skin feeling more soft and supple

v  Price:-

·         Rs.1595/200ml



2)  NOVAGE Bright Sublime Brightening Toner


v  Ingredients:-

·         Gardenia Plant Stem Cell extract and  Hydroxy Acid Blend.

v  Pros:-

·         Multi-Bright Technology

·         Buff away dead skin cells

·         Optimal absorption of your serum and moisturiser.

v  Price:-

·         Rs1100/200ml


3)  Facial Tonic Mist Panchpushp

v  Ingredients:-

·         Floral, fruit and herbal extracts

v  Pro:-

·         Hydrate, tone and revive the skin.

·         Water-based toner

·         Ayurvedic philosophy

v  Price:-

·         Rs 1250/200ml


4) Neutrogena Alcohol-Free Toner

v  Ingredients:-

·         Water, Butylene Glycol, PEG-4, Polysorbate 20, Oleth-30, Sodium Chloride, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Disodium EDTA, Fragrance, Ceterh-15, Benzalkanium Chloride, Panthenol, Glycereth-26, Sodium PCA, Choleth-15.

v  Pros:-

·         Non-comedogenic (won't clog pores)

·         Hypoallergenic

·         Absorbs quickly

v  Price:-

·         Rs.1493/200ml


5)  Aromatic Skin Toner

v  Ingredients:-

·         Extracts of pomegranate together with lavender and peppermint heals,

v  Pros:-

·         Renews the skin cells and increases the circulation in it.

·         Prevents moisture loss

·         100% alcohol free

v  Price:-

·         Rs.195/200ml



6)  Lotus Herbals Basiltone Toner 

v  Ingredients:-

·         Blend of Cucumber extracts and Basil Leaf extracts

v  Pros:-

·         Removes make-up residue,

·         Pollution or excess oils, Antifungal, antiseptic and natural astringent.

·         Helps tightens skin pores.

v  Price:-

·         Rs. 285/100ml

7)  The Lakme Absolute Pore Fix Toner

v  Ingredients:-

·         Witch Hazel and Lavender Extracts 

v  Pros:-

·         Tighten pores, Moisturizes the skin

·         Remove impurities for a smoother and hydrated skin.

·         Alcohol-free toner

v  Price:-

·         Rs 2046/60ml

8)  Jovees  Rose Skin Toner


v  Ingredients:-

·         Botanical extracts

v  Pros:-

·         Help increase skin’s ability to retain moisture

·         Cleanses pores deeply

·         Skin moisturized, refreshed and soft

v  Price:-

·         Rs.170/200ml

9)  Kaya Skin Toner


v  Ingredients:-

v  Non-alcoholic formula enriched with Mandelic Acid & Niacinamide



v  Pros:-

·         Alcohol free toner

·         Tightens your pores

·         Skin comfortable and refreshed

v  Price:-

·         Rs.320/100ml


10) VLCC Rose Water Toner


v  Ingredients:-

·         Fresh Rose leaves water

v  Pros:-

·         Gentle on skin

·         Effectively cleans

·         Moisturize pores

v  Price: -

·         Rs. 150/100ml


Hope this feature on best toners for dry skin is friendly to you! Keep shining!