Hollywood movies 10 Reasons to Swap Powder for Liquid Eyeshadow.
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10 Reasons to Swap Powder for Liquid Eyeshadow.

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Sehba Jalal


Beautiful eyes are always appreciated. Everyone loves expressive eyes. Eyes are a medium of expressing feelings too and it is impressive, and it becomes more special when beautifully decorated eyes express emotions. To decorate eyes many products are available and one of them is Eyeshadow! It makes your eyes look more happening & passionate.
In this article, we will understand few views about Eyeshadow and why liquid eyeshadows are fashionable, then powder eyeshadows.


Let us start with What is Eye Shadow first of all!
Eye shadow is a colored cosmetic applied to the eyelids or to the skin around the eyes to highlight them or can be said as a smooth, silky, colored cosmetic that’s similar in texture to moisturizer.
In the market, a huge range of branded products is handy to make eyes more beautiful.
Types of Eye Shadow available in market-
* Liquid
* Gloss based
* Cream based
* Cream-gel based
* Powder
Nowadays there is a reversal in the trend of eye shadows selection specifically in type, as beauties now prefer Liquid Eye shadows. There was a time when powder eye shadow was most famous but due to inconvenience in applying and many other aspects, girls turned to liquid-based eye shadows.

Let us figure out why beauties have swapped from powder to liquid eye shadow and what’s the logic behind it?
1- Liquid eye shadow doesn’t require any additional beauty tools. The product comes directly with an inbuilt tool so convenient to carry.

2- Available both in matte and shimmer as well as numerous colors.  Can work with a primer as well. Waterproof eye shadows are also available with liquid base perfect for any season.

3- Liquid eye shadows glide on comfortably. They’re often creasing.

4- Liquid eye shadows are smudge-resistant/free. Liquid eye shadows deliver a molten metallic look comparative to powder eye shadows.

5- They are long lasting 24 hrs without fading or dusting but remember it should be a good brand, not a local one.

6- A few swipes of a metallic liquid eye shadow are ready for an iconic look. Gives a professional look with a single stroke only.

7- Perfect option for dry & normal skin types & for oily skin waterproof liquid eyeshadows are easily applicable.

 8- Liquid eye shadows won’t flake off and leave tiny particles of colors under your eyes and across your cheeks.

9- Time saving powder eye shadows consumes a lot of time to apply as well as to wipe as well.

10-  Easy to apply without the aid of any tutorial or professional. Two eyeshadows can be layered or coated if you want multiple looks.
These were few interesting reasons that why liquid eye shadows are used more compared to powder eye shadows or any other type.
You just need to take care of selection of quality/ brand, quantity you are applying and most important your skin type and finally color & shades combinations.

Select a good brand and give your beautiful eyes an attractive look.