Hollywood movies 5 Fabulous Tips on How to Take Care of Skin This Winter.
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5 Fabulous Tips on How to Take Care of Skin This Winter.

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Sehba Jalal


Winter brings the cool breezes along with lots of skin troubles as well. Enjoying winters can be difficult with multiple skin issues coming up along with the cool wind. Taking care of your skin can be a tedious job with the dryness and itchiness the moisture less air gives to your skin.

Well, with few of the tips and tricks to care of your skin, while you fight with the chilly nature and environment, can be made easy.

Mentioned below are 5 ways to take care of your skin this winter:-


Daily Skin Exfoliation

Skin exfoliation on a regular and daily basis gives an effective winter care treatment to your skin. This works as an effective method to remove the dead cells of the skin. These dead cells are the prime cause of dry and coarse skin during winters. This also helps in deep level penetration of moisturizer into the skin. Exfoliation induces higher cellular rejuvenation by letting the new and moist skin cells appear on the surface. This deeply penetrated moisturization of deeply penetrated new cells gives a glowing appearance due to longer skin hydration.


Apply a Hydrating Night Cream for the Face

If dry skin is the biggest concern for you, a well hydrating night cream will minimise all your non- comfort ability with dry skin. The hydrating night cream works all through the night and helps in repetitive regeneration of the skin cells to the highest levels.  The major ingredients it contains includes avocado oil well suited for higher penetration through the deep skin in a slow and steady form for a long lasting moisture for the entire next day.

Drink plenty of water

Water is an ultimate source for 100% skin hydration. The complete process starts from the inside of the body, so remaining hydrated from within is quite essential. If your body is hydrated, your skin remains hydrated, automatically. The recommended consumption of approx 30 to 45 ml (2 to 3 tbsp.) of unsaturated fats, along with 9 to 13 cups of water is good for skin hydration.


Moisturize the skin layer

The layered moisturization of the skin is equally important as the internal moisturization of the body. Use a moisturizer that well suits your skin type and tone for this purpose. Moisturizer containing vitamin E, Shea butter and other naturally moisturizing elements will surely keep the upper layer of your skin away from the winter dryness. Supplying the essential fatty acids that our skin needs, they work effectively in this process.

Cover with a scarf

One of the most common, simple but effective way to fight with the chilly harshness of the winter is by covering your face with a scarf. This helps you fight against the windburns due to chilly blows of the winter winds. Wrap it around the neck, cheeks and chin for a warmer feel along with full protection against the winter chills.
Trying out these simple yet effective 5 tricks you can surely keep away the winter dryness by the time you enjoy your winter.