Hollywood movies ‘7 Lip Gloss Brands’ For Advanced Lip Care & Beauty: Time For Winter Lucky Lips!!
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‘7 Lip Gloss Brands’ For Advanced Lip Care & Beauty: Time For Winter Lucky Lips!!

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With the classic and liquid ones to make chapped lips dewy, supple and rosy, the rise in the lip care and beauty products is on drastic rise.  Are you Gen Y ladies looking for your lip care beauty companion for the upcoming winter to rule wherever you head on? Yeah, of course, every pretty lady’s burning desire! Here we put down the best lip gloss brands to tune your lips with glowing cheeks face and shiny hairs. These lipgloss are suited for all skin tones from fair, olive or medium.

1. NYX Mega Shine Weige

This creamy pink colured lip gloss without any shimmer shines brilliantly that just you could use one coat to get a slightest tint or two-three and it looks like a lipstick. Moreover it could be applied with pink lipstick and its low price makes it too catchy.

Con- Little Size, Empties Out Frequently

2. Hot Cherry

Hot Cherry is filled with the essence of cherry and its red sparkling shimmer.  Its creamy, dewy, durability (lasting for some 3-4 hours) and lightweight would definitely please you each time.  Considering its pigmented coat that keeps your lips smoothy and shining.

Con- Need To Reapply, Once You Eat Or Drink Something

3. Nars Lip Gloss Orgasm

Yet another popular option, it would stay for some 3-4 hours without eating or drinking. It pleases each lady with its peachy pink base and a lot of sparkling gold shimmer. With its smooth, thick and moisturizing texture, it’s a splurge-worthy lip gloss that could be easily applied with lipstick.

Con-   Not Suitable For Full Pigment Colour Cover.

4. Dior Addict Gloss Princess

Because of its gorgeous, lovely natural tint of pink and ultra cozy texture, it’s the popular choice of big lady celebrities across the world.  Certainly it’s one of best lip glosses that would fascinate everyone and comes in 24 amazing non-sticky shades. But For Better Effects, Use Dior Candy Snow or lipstick Parisian Chic

Con- Pricey

5. Giorgio Aramani Flash Lacquers ‘522’

From the recognized brand Giorgio Armani, this Gen Y lip gloss has a high reflection finish that gives incredible shine and dewy non-sticky experience each time.  To add on further its jelly like texture gives you ladies a fun to apply it and has lot of shades to choose on. Really every single penny recovered feel!

Con – Comparably more pigment yet keeping natural colour shade

6. Revlon Super Lustrous Lip-gloss-‘Berry Allure’

Revlon’s ‘Berry Allure’ lip-gloss is a darkened lip gloss with no shimmer and balanced blend of purple and pink in long berry colured tube.  Its texture is amazing, lasts long for at least three hours and its best matching lipstick over which it could be applied is ‘Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Matte Sky Pink’.

 Con- When applied it looks pink rather than berry like

7. Lancôme Lip Lover 313 Rose Wallet

Definitely last but not the least is Lancôme Lip Lover, the winner of Best Of Beauty 2014 Awards Of Allure. The best part of this product is its shade range is stacked with amazing options to match every skin tone.   We have to admit that this lip gloss is something you would fall in love with it.

Con- Little Pricey