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Attention Please: Fake Fashion Products on E-Commerce Sites Can Put to Loss

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Sehba Jalal

E-commerce industry has seen enormous growth over the last few years as online shopping is been the latest trends among all the generations.  Most e-commerce websites come online where multiple third-party vendors come together to sell their products on one platform. There’s no declaration on the website that the product you are purchasing is genuine.


E-commerce website lists different products from various vendors. Everything you see on screen is not always as it might seem. Fake manufacturers and counterfeit sellers are fooling customers and exploiting loopholes in the Information Technology Act. E-commerce companies state a zero tolerance towards any malpractices, considering the very nature of the business.


Online shopping is the best way to get the branded items at affordable prices. However, many fake manufacturers sell the fake products. A large number of fake products were recovered from well-established sites. An Online marketplace is a ground for fraudsters selling fake goods at knockdown prices to eager shoppers. Fakes are damaging to brands, particularly in the luxury sector. As the poor quality goods are impacting the brand’s reputation.


Spot Fake Fashion Items

There is no way to authenticate a product from an ad hence it’s easy to become a victim of a scam if you don’t know what to look for. Even if we authenticate the fake seller, they reappear quickly with a new name and amended offering.


Tips to Spot Fake Online Products

1. Most brand name companies use logistic companies or have their own storage warehouses hence always check where is the seller shipping the product?


counterfeit fashion goods

2. The original product comes in a nicely packed box and there is a hologram on it, however, these spurious products don’t have a guarantee, neither any hologram.


buying fake luxury goods

3. Always check the reviews before buying any product also check the timing and the number of reviews. If possible investigate the reviewer and if you find anything suspicious, save yourself from buying the fake product.

4. Examine the review's language to identify whether it’s genuine or not.  Check out what they have to say about the product. Maybe it’s a good quality fake. People will put that down if it’s the truth.

5. If the price is significantly less than the known retail price, be suspicious.

6. Go to the seller’s profile and see what past buyers have to say about the particular seller.

7. Trust your instinct while buying the product look at the detailing.

8. When you buy any product online, as soon as it gets delivered please check the originality of the product. Even if you are having slightest doubt on its originality, without any hesitation please return it and get the refund.


Marketplaces need to work harder to counter the damage done by fakes.  With time awareness is rising, though. Online consumers have become more alert, check more details, and also compare prices before a purchase. Brands have the power to penalize those who fail to act by withdrawing genuine products from listings, while governments also have the power to fine companies that indirectly facilitate fraud.