Hollywood movies Best Tip on How to Wear a Ballerina Tulle Skirt?
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Best Tip on How to Wear a Ballerina Tulle Skirt?

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Sehba Jalal

Ballerina skirts have always been in the list of the fashion seekers since ages. This year, again the style statement has taken up with the style trend. This super simple yet romantic and highly gorgeous styling element has been on the top list of the A-leisters.  Many of the superstars including- Jennifer Lawrence have added this form to their wardrobe. Very recent she was noticed wearing a tulle Dior skirt well matched with a sweater to one of the red carpet events classified for Passengers in November.

Looking cute, glamorous and stylish at the same time, these Tulle skirts have thus became popular among the fashion lovers in just a single go! It not just looks stylish and cool but it also appears sweet too! Talk about the short, midi, or even long tulle skirts, you can pretty well match any of these with a complementary top for a perfect show.

Set it with a la Lawrence companion or any other fashionable sweater, crop top, etc. to gain those sexy looks fit for a street-chic appearance or a work fit or even a fresh night out look. Even look you take is going to earn you fashion points for sure.
Let’s talk about a few ideas on how to wear a ballerina tulle skirt-

1. With Sneakers Or A Classy Stilettos

Pair up your ballerina tulle skirt with a pair of stylish and super comfy pair of your favourite sneakers or you can choose among those epic Charlotte Russe stilettos at $23.99.

2. With a Sweater

Copying J. Law’s style, you can also try pairing your ballet skirt along with a misty knit sweater for classic and super stylish show.

3. With a Crop Top

Try holding an innovative appearance with the evergreen crop tops from Little Mistress at ASOS priced at $76 or Rare London priced at $40.80. This will be a [perfect definition of sexy meeting sophisticated. This could be the best chic pairing for a ballerina tulle skirt.

4. With Heels

Try getting dressed up in a ballerina skirt for any of the occasions of wedding, additional casual party or shower by simply adding the heels that you can easily find at the price range of $76 at ASOS.

5. With a Bodysuit

If you wish to be in the full ballerina get up, you can try wearing a bodysuit under the skirt. Get some of the classic editions of the same from Forever 21 at $24.90.

6. With a Leather Jacket

Things can be turned edgy by simply adding a classic leather jacket to your ballerina tulle skirt. You can try the Charlotte Russe’s leather jacket at $21.59. wearing a graphic tee beneath can be bit more helpful.

In addition to these, you can also try a vintage look by adding simple yet chic accessories such as danglers, cat-eye sunglasses, street style beanie or chunky shoes. Putting on a buttoned shirt or a cool top with the ballerina can also work.

So, pair up your style and get your own ever ready look with the ballerina tulle skirt!