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Check Out the Right Shoes to Wear with Shorts

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As they say "Good shoes take you Good places" hence be wise while selecting the pair of perfect shoes! Shoes are not merely things that protect our feet; they also help us look good, fashionable and represent our lifestyle. Choosing a perfect pair of shoes to wear with shorts is a daunting task. One needs to look for something that goes perfectly well with the overall outfit and gives the feet comfort they deserve. Here we have some wonderful ideas to help you find the right shoes to wear with shorts.

1. Slip-on

Grab a pair of slip-on sneakers for a relaxed feel. It brings out the stylish in you and completes the look. Slip-on is a perfect choice for everything from beach trips to city living. It is one shoe that everyone can wear. With these on you can effortlessly blur the line between elegant and casual.

2. Loafers

Sliding on a pair of loafers is easy enough. It's a perfect choice to go well with chino style shorts. Loafers look great with shorts. Since loafers are such a versatile piece, there are plenty of different styling opportunities. With so many styles available on the market it can be overwhelming. Wear them barefoot and flaunt in style.

3. Boat Shoes

Boat shoes are typically made in canvas, suede or leather. While selecting a perfect pair of boat shoes to go well with your shorts just avoid designs with access toggles and laces.  The ideal pair should fit and feel a bit like a slipper. Boat shoes are not only comfortable but will look fantastic too with a perfect pair of shorts.

4.  Leather Sandals

If you are looking for something which is fashionable and timeless then there is no better choice then Leather sandals. Leather sandals should be simple and in a single color style of two to three straps and a leather or rubber sole.  They are not just comfortable but also durable.

5. Stilettos

Master the glamorous look with a perfect pair of stilettos. The combination of shorts with heels is very much on trend at the moment. The smallest of mistakes can make the entire outfit look shabby and out of place. Therefore, make sure they are comfortable and not too high.

6. Ankle Boots

Get the effortless look with a perfect pair of ankle boots. Just a simple t-shirt paired with denim shorts and a nice jacket with ankle boots will add a rugged yet polished feel to your outfit.  It will not only make the style statement but also add charm to your personality.

7.  Lace up Heels/Flats

Flaunt your feet with some designer delicate and beautiful pair of lace up sandals/heels. Laces up sandals are perfect for putting the whole look together.  If you plan on wearing shorts and want to glam things up, then go for a pair of dazzling heels with beautiful lace. Just always make sure that whatever you are wearing, it suits your body type and legs.

Let your shoe reflect your mood. Just keep it cool, keep it clean and keep it simple yet comfortable.