Hollywood movies Delhi Fashion Week - Puts Focus on the Homegrown and Handicraft
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Delhi Fashion Week - Puts Focus on the Homegrown and Handicraft

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 The recent Delhi Fashion Week has the Indian Weaver’s prowess meeting the design and the sovereign textile innovation. It's all happening great at the latest fashion week. The buzz is doing big which is presently going in the capital.

The Fashion Week going in the city of Delhi has a focus more on the homegrown textile this year. It has all started off to a star start and will be undergoing a big week of huge events which is ready to get started and is now underway in the capital.

This year at the Fashion Week in Delhi has it’s primary focus putting up on the product line of the menswear which will be emphasizing on both the male and female wear. You will be finding products of line of the creations which this year focuses on, and will be celebrating the gender equality.

They have carried down a great show in the past few years, and now has become one of the most anticipated fashion shows in India. This particular fashion show has kept the feasibility and audacity of the Indian-ness in their show which has their major focus on to keeping the subject to state on the primary part of making it in India. The philosophy has been continuing to the part of the underline in the show.

Putting up the focus, the crafts will were put up for the show, has primarily the country in total to be in the part of the focus which has this multi designer show to run off their show in the initial stage.

They started off with a blast with some of the best designs sorted, which had the party started. The first part has the veteran designer Madhu Jain showing off some of her classic designs, which also celebrates the 30 years of her being in this business, a feat which is remarkable, a career beyond description.

She has her designs to go beyond the international borders with her designs which has the classic twists which generally comes with the style crafts and the master indigenous prints of the style of the Jakarta which has the weavings of the in depth styling. This gets on to the global outlet, setting up a statement on to the Indian ramp.

Even when it came to the part of the Guru Shishya finale, which had the portion of the teacher designer and the disciples, who will be showcasing some of the designs coming out of a collaborative effort. This part had the intelligent Amit Aggarwal (who was the Shishya for this part) had his style of going on to restore Brocades and the Patola sari which he did put up for the show with his brilliant teacher Tarun Tahiliani (who was the Guru).

The next part was the destination focusing on the part of the inspiration which was actually the part of indigenous the journey. Looking at the Ashima Leena’s showcase which had a slight touch on the Uzbekistan and some cool Iznik colours. For Anupama Dayal it was the Mangar’s wilderness and the wonders which did come out glowing from her work.