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Dramatic Cut Crease Arabic Eye Makeup

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Sehba Jalal

Wishing to try an exciting and equally dramatic cut crease Arabic eye makeup?

If yes! This one’s definitely going to help!

Dramatic cut crease Arabic eye makeup has evolved as the most exciting and a new way to uplift up your eyes following in the current season. This one’s not just going to add value to your eyes but also give a stunning and equally attractive and dramatic look to your eyes.

Elements of Arabic Eye Makeup

There are mainly two major focus key elements for an Arabic eye makeup –
1.    Bold and dramatic eye makeup with subtle lips
2.    Face makeup

One can entirely recreate this exotic work of makeup by following a few concerned steps that will help beautify the look to an advanced level.

Steps to Follow for Arabic eye makeup

Mentioned below is a step by step guidance on how to use the techniques and tools for dramatic transformation of your eyes with amazing Arabic eye makeup.

1. To begin, start with fresh and clean eyes, applying some good eye cream for hydration and apply a suitable conceal for concealing the dark circles. This automatically lifts the eye makeup and gives a high definition look to your eyes.

2. Starting the eye makeup, using a thin pointed eye liner brush create an intense cut crease in a very fine and well pointed form. Draw neat and precise lines beginning from the natural crease of the eyes. Keep the eyes open for locating the crease area.

3. Draw the complete line reaching the top outer corners of your eyes, and begin the drop slightly. Draw a winged eye-line for an angular look addition nice dramatic definition to the shape of the eyes.

4. Stretch the line downwards using short and small strokes keeping a steady hand connecting the outermost corner of eye’s upper lash line. Put your little finger onto the cheek area for keeping your hands sturdy and avoiding any mistakes.

5. Pulling the eyeliner inward, gently start making smaller and shorter merging strokes reaching a soft transition of the eye liner. Use a smudge or a pencil brush for this. Fill in the further outermost corner using the same kajal for a Smokey effect.

6. Now, apply some light golden colour shimmery eye shadow towards the eyelid’s center, tweaking the eye-shadow as preferred. You can pick from either of the options of blue, green or purple. Just pat a little and avoid blending for a brighter intensity.

7. Put matte black eye-shadow towards the areas where the Kajal was applied for setting and avoiding smudging. Now, using a small pointed blending brush blend the gold and matte black eye-shadows. Stop the eye makeup to keep the look less dramatic. But, in case you need to keep the look more intense, you can continue a bit.

8. Creating a triangular shape, apply a deep teal colour eye-shadow towards the center. Blend it softly with the gold and black eye shadow, using a blending brush.

9. Applying the same colour dark teal colour eye-shadow towards the lower lash line, apply some mascara and line your eyes for completing your look.

This way your eye makeup is complete in a bold and dramatic look!