Hollywood movies From Highway To Runways, These Bike Shorts Are Trending Like Never Before
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From Highway To Runways, These Bike Shorts Are Trending Like Never Before

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Bike shorts have moved on from being limited to sportswear or just another athleisure. Be it just for cycling or just pairing it up with different clothing, bike shorts have metamorphosed into different styles and belongings. Brought into trend by the Late Princess Diana, it has caught on the trending list and how.

With fashion bloggers and influencers making it more popular for the summer spring collection, you can always ditch those denims and uncomfortable pair of shorts and pick out a bike short that goes with your attire or the OOTD.
Latest trends that have caught the eye would be simply pairing it up with a complimenting outfit. But isn’t that too clichéd? Shorts have been paired with longer t-shirts, dresses, sports bra or just regular street fashion over the years. But picking out inspiration? Well, that is slightly challenging given that slightly overdoing it can be a major faux-pas.


If the latest designs are taken into account, Lagerfeld did layer the skinny shorts under the beautiful embellished dresses. With D&G and the others banking on the trend, it is only obvious that these skinny shorts were paired amazingly with asymmetric jackets and dresses. With lace like details involved in the process of building these shorts, it is only likely that it wouldn’t be late before it shows up as a part of the peplum dresses or even form a part of the shorter jumpsuits.

Cropped t-shirts are always the go-to option for these knee length bike shorts which give it a hip feeling. Nevertheless, you can make use of your strappy and noodle strap tops and t-shirts to pair it up with the former. If you go down the glam-zone route, you can always pick out an embellished number to pair it up with the over the knee bike shorts to give it a more glamourous and fashionable feel.

Shorter coats with plaid details can be paired with figure hugging shorts which can set your statement above the rest. With the right accessories you can always make it stand out and it is recommended that you do. Doesn’t it make up for a perfect brunch or a luncheon, even if it is formal in nature?  Oversized pullovers with the minimalistic bike short can be a great outfit to step out for a fun day with your friends or hang out over the weekend.


If you are rooting for that gym look, pair it up with an oversized crop top which flaunts you and your feature for all the right reasons. When you have overalls, that comprises a jacket and short of the same print or design, you can mic and match to form a ground breaking attire. When in doubt, draw inspiration from the latest Katy Perry outing. The material can be as per your comfort and wish. Go adventurous, pick leather, cotton, spanx or even velvet to form a co-ordinated set which makes you feel gorgeous on any given day. Moreover, no one is going to judge you for a more layered or grunge look if you layer it up with denims and the shorts.