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Latest 8 Trends on White Eyeliner for Summer

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The trend of white eyeliner just doesn't go out of fashion even if it’s scorching outside the roof! Wanna know how to rock this summer with white liner blazing your eyes and making them look amazingly attractive than before? Well here are some pretty and easy hacks to try this summer and make the white shine!

1.    Double Layered Look

Combine your look of black upper winged eyeliner with a layer of white lower winged eyeliner to make your eyes look dramatic and bold. Start it by first stroking the upper eyelid by black, making a wing on the upper direction and then smoothly put the white stroke aligning it along with black layer but in the downward direction. Once you make the correct wings, you are all done.


2.    Pop-up White Eyeliner Look

Making you lower eyelid pop up never goes out of fashion. Line your white eyeliner along with your lower eyelid and use a sponge to make a smokey looking texture. Complete the look with not so overloaded mascara and a line or black eyeliner on the upper lid and blush eyeshadow.

3.    Blending the Black & White

Knew that your white eyeliner pencil can do way more than just making your eyes pop? Use your pencil liner to highlight your brows by marking lines along the edge and then use your sponge to blend it along with nude brown eyeshadow. This will make your eyebrows highlight more and give you the ever desired look you were looking for!


4.    Quick White Eyeliner Look

If you are a professional woman running out of time in the mornings and finds difficult to even tinge your eyes, this one is for you! Use your white eyeliner pencil and a flat brush to smudge on your eyes within seconds with just a single stroke of each and then create a ravishing look by lean a stroke of white gel eyeliner on your upper lid. If you can spare out few more minutes then put on some mascara to make the eyes look wide and beautiful.

5.    Elegant Look with Lower Lid Stroke

Sometimes it’s not important to cover the whole eye right? Just put a short wing of the white gel eyeliner on the lower lid till half eye and sum up the look with a small dot at the end of eyes. To make the look more dramatic, put on some blush or natural brown eyeshadow and you are all done to stun!

 6.    Dramatic Look

Feel like overdoing it? A tinge of white eyeliner at the inner corners of the eye also goes hand in hand with the bold look for summer. Add the liner near the tear ducts and join them with black liner strokes. This effect instantly gives a fresh and awake look, no matter if you are a college student or a working person.

7.    Sandwich White Eyeliner Look

Sandwich it! Try making the outlines of your black eyeliner stroke with white strokes and then shading your lids with nude color eyeshadow for a poppy casual look. Just be careful with the length of the wings as the short and fat wings go more flaunting than long and pointed wings in this look.


8.    Single Simple Stroke

If you don't feel like doing anything, a simple single stroke of white liner on the Lowe lid works best for the day without much of hassle to create the look.

Keep practicing these styles and choose any as per your mood and occasion!