Hollywood movies Lip Augmentation - Give Your Lips Proper Shape Without Any Surgery.
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Lip Augmentation - Give Your Lips Proper Shape Without Any Surgery.

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Agamoni Das


What Is Lip Augmentation?
Lips are undoubtedly a major part of your beauty. But sadly not all the people are born with a lip that is properly shaped. And more than that, not all the people are ready to have a lip surgery. And here comes the benefits of lip augmentation for you. It’s a process to enlarge your lips rather to make it fuller with the help of some dermal filler. Lip augmentation is probably the easiest way that gives you full lips with a prominent border. 


Benefits of Lip Augmentation
Let’s have a quick view of the benefits. First, the process is non-surgical. Second and the most amazing thing is it can give your lips the desired shape. The dermal fillers can be injected as much volume you want for your lips. 

Procedures of Lip Augmentation
Okay, so the procedure is all about some injection of dermal fillers. Sometimes a local anesthesia is needed, but not mandatory for all the procedures. These fillers have effect for a certain period on your lips, and after that it would be the same again. And this fact ensures you that these fillers are definitely safe; here is clear image of the fillers for you.

Fat transfer – Though lip augmentation is non-surgical but this process can be a little surgical. Your body fat is taken through liposuction and injected to the lips, local anesthesia is needed.

Restylane – It’s a non-animal gel, which is quite similar to one of the components found in human body. The effect lasts up to 6 months. 

Autologen – It’s dermal filler, which would be made from your own skin. The effect would not be for a very long time, since your skin absorbs the filler.

Collagen – The filler is made from bovine hides, effect would be for 3 months and most importantly allergy test is required.

Dermalogen - Dermalogen is better form collagen as the effect lasts more and the concentration of the filler is much more. This filler would also be made from your own skin.

Radiance – This is actually a solution, which is being produced in the laboratory. The effect lasts from 4 to 5 years, but the process may cause pain for initially once the filler is injected.


Side Effects of Lip Augmentation

* Formation of lumps in the lips.

* Itching around the lips.

* Swelling of lips.

* Bleeding from where the filler is pushed.

* Redness and tenderness around the lips.

Things You Need To Know Before Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentation would not show you the result instantly, it will take time. And most importantly, it may take more than one session to get perfectly lined, plumper and fuller lips.

The effect of lip augmentation would never last more than 6 months. After that more injections are needed to keep the lips fuller. 
It will look just like the other natural lips, once done properly it shouldn’t feel uncomfortable.
The fillers can be removed till it is not dissolved, so if there is anything wrong it can be corrected.

Go for lip augmentation only when you are known to everything, what does gonna happen with you. Starting from allergy test to well qualified doctor and the dermal filler, be aware and definitely carful about everything.