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Phototherapy for acne works for real!

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Acne can be a total menace and not having them under control and give a complete blow to the confidence. You might end up using several chemical products and creams, all other shenanigans which claim to heal it but only end up exaggerating the whole deal. Acne can be a trouble if not dealt with carefully and it is impossible to control the breakouts. So, do you just let it be?


Phototherapy has proven to be one of the most effective ways to deal with stubborn acne. This is used when all other processes have failed miserably, and you want instant solutions. The therapy uses a special kind of light on your skin and heal it by treating the acne.
What causes skin breakouts?

Acne or skin breakout is a common problem. There are pores which tend to get clogged because of dust, oil or even pollutants that we are nota ware of. Now, these pores are essential for they secrete oils which are important for the skin. These oils help keep you skin glowing and healthy in the long run, giving it that sheen we run after. Nevertheless, these oil glands can get infected with bacteria and even other organisms which obstruct their function causing the skin to breakout which we generally term as acne. These organisms live inside and outside the skin causing the issue to reoccur over and over again.

How does light therapy help you?

Light therapy or phototherapy is one of the best ways to treat acne these days which is painless and equally effective. It requires the minimum number of settings which would have been higher if you were at a parlour using all kinds of beauty products without any effect.

But how does it work exactly?

To eliminate these breakout causing bacteria, doctors use different lights. The pathogens are sensitive to specific light of specific wavelength and behave accordingly. Now, when the come in contact with these lights, it causes a different reaction on the basic structure and kills, and subsequently eliminates the bacteria. Light therapy reinstates the oil glans and helps them work as expected without causing any harm to the skin or you. They close the oil glands to a certain extent such that they stop making acne causing oils and eliminate the risk of you developing acne again.


What are available options?

There are two kinds of light treatment ― blue light and red light.

Blue light is responsible for penetrating the hair follicles and pores which serve as a breeding ground for these pathogens. Given that the sensitivity to blue light is higher, dermatologists use them to slow down their metabolism and eliminate them from the core. Red light on the other hand is used to enhance the collagen in the skin which give sit that perfect and beautiful look. This helps in eliminating the irritation which might be caused due to the treatment of the blue light.

How many times do you need to go to the dermatologist’s office?

Light therapy is useful when you have a mild to normal acne. Chronic acne demands other attention. All you need to do is visit the dermatologists’ office once a week, get the therapy and walk out. However, there is always a catch. You need to take care of the instructions such as avoiding stepping out in the sun or hitting the tan beds or using your regular skin care product. Think of it like getting a tattoo done, just not painful. Steer clear of all trouble as such because you do not want that acne coming back.