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The Lucrative & Glam Fashion Job in Delhi India

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Sehba Jalal

Fashion is a distinctive and often constant trend in the style in which a person dresses and New Delhi has long been considered the fashion capital of India. From street shopping to designer wear, thrift stores to malls, flea markets to luxury boutiques, it’s inarguably India’s fashion capital. It is well known as a place to shop for traditional Indian attire and accessories.

From Delhi, Couture Week, Bridal Asia to Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week, almost all big fashion shows are being held in the capital. Many designers get the inspiration from here and develop their carrier. Fashion designing is something where you can use your creativity which will lead to your professional growth. And there is no better place than Delhi to look for professional growth.


Delhi has always been a place of opportunities. It offers jobs & internship opportunities specific to India's fashion industry. Fashion job covers many areas like.


  • Accessory Designing
  • Fashion Communication
  • Knitwear Designing
  • Leather Designing

  • Fashion Technology

  • Textile Designing

  • Fashion Styling and image design


This industry is vast with multiple job opportunities. Delhi is a fashion hub and there are many world-famous fashion houses which provide with opportunities to newcomers as well as experienced fashion designers like Qbik, Neeru’s, House of Ombre, Shivan and Narresh, Nappa Dori, White Champa, House Of Blondie, Purple Jungle, Ogaan and many more.


The Skills Needed To Be a Fashion Designer


  1. For any business strong business Sense is must.

  2. A good eye for color, materials, texture, and shape is needed.

  3. Technical skills like pattern cutting and sewing.
  4. One must have the ability to spot and develop trends.
  5. One must have the ability to use computer design packages.
  6. One must have the ability to solve problems.
  7. Good Communication.
  8. Highly Creative
  9. Innovative
  10. Strong Drawing Skills.
  11. Strong Sewing Skills.
  12. Team Player.

Not just that apart from skills you will usually need a relevant higher education qualification, such as a foundation degree, HND or degree to be a fashion designer. A course that teaches both design and technical skills will give you the practical knowledge that you need to work in the industry.


You may also go for the courses which include fashion drawing, 3-D design, color theory, textiles, computer-aided design, fashion business and portfolio presentation as it adds value to your job profile.


Fashion Job Offers

•    Involvement in design research and development. The collections are made from sketch to samples. Job seekers will be able to learn and take part of the process.

•    In fashion job know-how in prototype manufactures and garment development, pattern cutting with basic pattern alternations and copying.

•    Fabric sourcing, testing, organizing catalogs. And fashion job also deepens the knowledge in materials.

For those who are interested in printing, it’s an opportunity to work closely with the designer and the print development. Fashion job offers learning in silkscreen printing, Training in managing spec files and technical drawings for sampling and manufacture.

To become a successful fashion designer communication, curiosity, passion, openness, ability to take criticism and most of all patience is must.