Hollywood movies ‘Waxing Techniques’ For Men - Are You Ready To Be Smoothed?
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‘Waxing Techniques’ For Men - Are You Ready To Be Smoothed?

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Well, when it comes to waxing, it’s thought to be a females’ activity. Isn’t it? But male grooming concept is not hesitating to include ladies grooming tactics that necessarily include waxing-removing the unwanted hair from body for opting hair free smooth skin. Well one mayn’t want necessarily get removed all of the hair from the body but at least want hair follicles to be thinned from their chest, back or limbs or permanently removing these.

But there is a lot more fear and confusion among those men wishing for waxing first time, hence herein enlisted are the quickest and safest waxing techniques for general info and guiding them for hair removing techniques.

1. Waxing

‘Waxing’ is the most heard and thought as a synonym for hair removal method. Basically it involves spreading hot wax on the desired area to catch up hair and then applying a piece of muslin or cloth over the wax and ripping it apart in a quickest single swoop. This technique is considered to be most authentic and removes hair from the root and with repeated uses it makes hair thinner by weakening their roots. It definitely involves slight pain but not unbearable at all.

2. Sugaring

It’s similar to waxing, the only difference is instead of applying hot wax as in waxing, it involves spreading sugar paste made up of sugar, lemon, citric acid and water with the same technique of removing hair.

3. Trimming

Trimming is evolving as the best alternative to shaving and becoming fashion trend too among people. It’s most recommended for the beginners as it’s safe, irritation and pain free, best for those people who have sensitive skin. No doubt trimming doesn’t give you smoothy skin surface but really it provides best option for trimming long hair for almost bare look.

4. Shaving

Well, one of most common and oldest techniques for hair removal and most of the people do it for armpit hair removal and beard cleanup. Clearly when it comes to hair removing, shaving is the cheapest and easiest method one can think of with just removing hair in single go with a razor and shaving cream. The biggest drawback of this technique is the hazard of cut by blade and unsuitability to sensitive and oily skin.  It’s strongly recommended to all men to opt for a good quality razor and shaving cream to ensure safety.

5. Hair Removing Cream

These are the pain free way of hair removing. To use this, just apply it on the desired area and leave it there for 10-15 minutes to dissolve out the protein structure of the hair to weaken the hair strand root. However these creams are suitable for all skin tones so better is to do a patch test to avoid any allergic reaction on large area. These are also known as Depilatories.

All of the above mentioned techniques are temporary techniques while below mentioned are the ‘Permanent Techniques’ for the permanent reduction in the hair quantity and thickness hence quite costly treatments too.

6. Laser Techinque- ‘King of All Hair Removal Techniques’

It involves projecting a laser beam on the desired area to heat up and putting hair follicle to a dormant growth. If you are wishing for laser hair removal treatment, first you must get it ensured if your skin tone allows for laser treatment. It’s the technique rendering permanent hair removal solution and one of most expensive hair removal technique that’s mostly preferred by celebrities.


7. Electrolysis

It’s also the permanent hair removal technique involving a ultra slim needle that penetrate the hair shaft to delivers quite bearable electric shocks to the hair follicle. What actually happens, the electric shocks kill the hair growing cells and once the cell is vanished from there, no hair strand can ever grow there. But the effectiveness of this technique depends on person to person and ideally recommended for unibrow, back and armpits. It’s a more expensive technique; time consuming that may take upto one year for permanently removing the hair.

So, take your time to consult dermatologist to know your skin suitability to a particular hair removal technique and then go for hair removing with the most suited technique for a safe and best results!