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Osteopenia Diet – A Great Start To Kill Osteoporosis


Agamoni Das

What Is Osteopenia

Osteopenia Is Actually The Primary Stage Of Osteoporosis. It Is The Condition That Occurs When The Body Doesn’t Make New Bone As Quickly As It Reabsorbs Old Bone. And This Condition Finally Turns Into Low Bone Mineral Density. Osteopenia Has No Specific Symptoms, Unless The Condition Progresses To Osteoporosis. After A Certain Age Especially Women Should Take Care On Their Bone Density. So, Osteopenia Diet Is The Best Way To Avoid Osteoporosis. 

Prevention Of Osteopenia By  Diet

Diet Plays A Great Role In Osteopenia. And There Are Some General Observations, Which Will Make You Understand, That How Diet Can Be Essential For Osteopenia. Suppose Your Diet Is Rich In Acidic Foods. In That Case Your Body Will Start Using The Stores Of Alkalinity To Balance The Ph Level. The Alkalinity Comes From Calcium And The Highest Amount Of Calcium Is Stored In The Bone. So, All You Have To Do Is To Balance Your Diet.

Osteopenia Diet Plan

Calcium Is The Most Important Part Of Osteopenia Diet. Because Calcium Is The First Thing Element Which Your Bone Needs. Our Body Loses Calcium Every Day And The Lost Amount Has To Be Replaced. If  Is  Not Then The Bone Starts Losing Density. The Most Important Part To Be Noted Is That Our Body Does Not Make Calcium; It Has To Be Supplied Through Diet. So, The Summary Is Having The Maximum Amount Of Calcium Rich Foods.

Protein Comes On The Second Of The Essentials. Protein Helps In The Absorption Of Calcium. S

Vitamin-d Is Also Essential For Calcium Absorption. Prevention Of Bone Loss Can Be Done By Vitamin-d.

There Are Few Other Nutrients Which Can Help To Increase The Density. Iron, Magnesium, Copper, Zinc, Vitamin-a & C These All Are Equally Needed.

Supplementation Of Calcium And Vitamin-d Could Also Be A Part.

Foods To Be Eaten In Osteopenia Diet

Milk, Yoghurt, Cream, Cheese, Cabbage, Broccoli, Kale And Okra Also Fennel, Spinach, Fish With Small Edible Bones, Oily Fish, Eggs, Fortified Orange Juice, Sesame Seeds, Soya Drinks With Added Calcium, Soya Beans, Nuts, Bakery Produce Made From Fortified Flour, Powdered Milk.

Foods To Be Avoided In Osteopenia Diet

Salt, Carbonated Drinks, Caffeine And Phytate Or Oxalate Containing Foods.