Hollywood movies 'Health is Wealth' is a famous saying that refers to the importance of health to us and reveals that health is wealth
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Why Health Is Wealth? – What Makes Life A Celebration?


Rahul Rawat

You have the world’s most delicious cuisine on your dinning table but sadly you are crying with tooth sensitivity; would you then be able to taste and enjoy the cuisine? Never, all you would perhaps wish for is getting rid from the pain caused if illness. Isn't it?

This is why from the times immemorial it has been told and proven again that Health is the greatest wealth a man could possess. And even it's a well known saying that the first blessing any man must possess is having a sound and fit health followed the money to meet both ends meet and experience the best in world with the power of wealth. Here is showed and proved again as to why ‘Health Is Wealth' shown with short points.

First Happiness Is A Sound Health


Indeed; truly said by our wise forefathers that the first and foremost happiness in a man's life is possession of sound and healthy body followed by sufficient wealth to make life a true blessing. All things without a sound health are just futile and worthless for us. Like what a marvellous track mean to impaired ears.

You Stay Younger; Ageing Delayed

       stay younger

Clearly, a healthy person is expected to stay younger and live longer with an improved quality of life with no wrinkles on your face; glowing and radiant face; strength and agility are spontaneously kept in your body which give you an out of flock personality and you stay younger and enjoy life in your late years too by not falling prey to diseases and ageing.

Sense Of Self Appeasement; Experiencing The Best In The World


When you possess a sound health; your personality assumes its best shape that could influence people around you. Your quality of life improves as a result of sound health and people start attracting towards you. This in return give you the sense of self appeasement as you could possess exemplary personality with sound health which very rare to find these days.

Much Savings, Medical Expenses Reduced

         medical expeness

Well, we all sometime fall ill as a result of body’s self regulatory mechanism but it is the saddest thing that could end our life and could give a lot of body unbearable body pain if we fall victim to a disease and sadly this is very common with people these days consuming much of their hard earned savings in medical treatment. Hence by staying healthy, you could save hefty of wealth. Hence health is certainly a wealth.

Soul Mind Dwells Into A Sound Body- You Can’t Earn Big Wealth With Unsound Mind!

      healthy mind

No peace and pleasure can ever enter your life if you are not healthy. You cannot see the picturesque beauty with impaired vision, can't earn money with a diseased body which necessitates the indispensable need of possessing a sound health.

Money Can't Buy Happiness

       can't buy happiness

Can you buy happiness with money? Could money help in bringing us happiness if we are not fit to enjoy the same? Money could buy us world’s most delicious cuisines but can't provide us taste if we are suffering from tooth ache; money can buy us the most luxurious car but can't give us driving fun if we are crying with abdomen pain. Money could buy us people but not selfless true love that could still love you even without your wealth. And a lot more things to say on.

Of course wealth gives us power to enjoy the best in the world, exploring the unknown adventures in the world that can't be done by yourself if you do not possess a sound health. And what's the utility of that wealth that can't provide us happiness and pleasure That Is Why Health Is Called The Wealth which makes our life a celebration!