Hollywood movies Do You Know How to use a Derma roller for Acne scars??
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Do You Know How to use a Derma roller for Acne scars??

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Sehba Jalal

Acne is the most common yet problematic skin problem all of us have faced at least once in our lifetime. Treating acnes doesn’t require anything except a lot of patience and perseverance as it takes time in healing. The biggest catch in acne treatment is related to the scars that appear after the pimples are gone. There are however, multiple things used all round for the treatment of acne.

Derma roller is also said to be an effective treatment for acne scars.  It is an effective instrument that ha seen used worldwide for treatment of the acne scars.

If you wish to know about the same, here is some useful piece of information for getting rid of those irritable scars with this unique and highly effective instrument.

 What Is a Derma roller?

 A Derma roller is a cylindrical shaped drum that has sharp and fine needles all around its top. It is basically a medical device that is used for micro needling that breaks down the scarred tissues due to acne, along with stimulating the skin cells proliferation. This helps in formation of the new cell layers of collagen and elastic fibres because of the higher blood supply. This method is called as neo-collagenesis and the improved blood circulation is referred as neo-angiogenesis.

How does a Derma roller Work?

1 . A Derma roller works by effectively improving the thickness of the layer of skin epidermis improving the texture of the skin reducing the wrinkles.

2. This treatment prevents hyper-pigmentation of the skin, leading to the reduced scars due to acne.

3. This method successfully stimulates the new collagen fibres, improves blood circulation for harmonizing the skin pigmentation and thus leads to     reduced scars.

4 .Being 100% safe for skin, no thermal heat is used in this process similar to the laser therapy or IPL.

5 .There are 0% chances of any post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation during this treatment.

 Advantages of Derma roller Treatment

 Mentioned below are the top advantages of Derma rolling-

 1. The treatment can be performed at home as well, however, an expert consultation is always recommended prior to the treatment.

2. This isn’t time consuming at all with vivid and fast effective result.

3. This kind of skin needling doesn’t cause any skin damage, thus, isn’t harmful for the skin.

4. Apart from the face, it can be used in other body parts, as well.

5. Is ideal for all skin types

6. Isn’t an expensive device at all and the overall cost of treatment is pretty much less as compared to the other expensive treatments for acne scars.

7. It is also referred as one of the finest method for skin tightening for the skin that has elasticity loss because of blemishes, acnes, and pimples.

8. Apart from acne scars removal, it also results in skin tone lightening.

Conditions to avoid getting a Derma roller Treatment

Even though the Derma roller treatment fits all skin types, yet there are conditions when it is suggested not to undergo the treatment, such as-

During active skin infections

1. In case of any blood clotting history

2 .Suffering from chronic skin infections or eruptions

3. In case of a pimple or acne that has popped up recently

4. Conditions like- Psoriasis, Eczema or any of the raised warts or moles