Hollywood movies Top Tips for Perfect at-Home Pedicure with Cool Colors to Use
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Top Tips for Perfect at-Home Pedicure with Cool Colors to Use

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Healthy feet start with good hygiene. We often forget taking care of our feet and in result end up getting cracks and dry skin. Hence regular pedicure is necessary. It's not essential to go to the salon and spend the fortune to get well groomed feet. All you need to do is spend a few minutes cleaning and caring for your feet and it will look good. Here are few easy steps for perfect at home pedicure.


1. Clean Your Feet & Soak

First and the most important part is to clean your feet on a daily basis. To start the pedicure remove the nail polish and put your feet in the warm water and let them soak for 2 to 5 minutes.  It's the most relaxing part of the pedicure.  For better results add some soap or shampoo to the water and rest. You can also add salt for pain relief.

2. File

After soaking, scrub both feet with a foot file or a pumice stone.  This will remove the rough, dry, and dead skin. Then clip your nails using a nail cutter and shape then accordingly. 

3. Exfoliate your Feet

Once you are done, massage a little with any foot Exfoliate.  Scrub your heels, soles, the areas between your toes, and the sides of your feet and scrub your ankles too. Scrub your nails using a nail scrubber.   After this dip your feet back into the warm water or wipe off the scrub.

4. Smooth out the tops of your nails and shape

Once the nails are nicely cut and clean it’s time to shape them. First apply some oil or foot cream to smooth the skin and then shape the nails.  This reduces the risk of ingrown toenails and maintains the health of your feet.

5. Moisturize Your Feet

Once your feet are clean and fresh moisturize them in the circular motion and rejuvenate yourself with the great feeling.  A 10-15 minute's massage for your feet, ankles, and calf muscles will be enough to make you feel good. Good messages will enhance the blood circulation and stimulate your nerve endings.

6. Apply Nail Paint

Once you are done with all the steps, Select the suitable color and apply the shade of your choice. Let it dry for some time and enjoy the pretty feet as open-toed shoes are basically a blank canvas for color.

If you wish for it to last longer apply another coat and let it dry.  There are thousands of shades available in the market; you can pick any as per your choice.

Mint Green, Tangerine Dream, Capri Blue, Berry Popsicle, Burnt Orange, Goji Berry, Cool Coral, Oceanic Teal and Pink! Select any of these as summers is all about these amazing shades.

While selecting the nail paint, make sure you always use nice nail paint as nail paint products contain many toxic and potentially hazardous ingredients.  These harmful chemicals can result in a number of health effects or can leave our nails pale yellow.
These are the simplest ways to get pretty well-groomed feet.  If following the above steps is not possible then you can also scrub your feet with the pumice stone. Have happy feet and take extra care of personal hygiene.