Hollywood movies Half Girlfriend Hit With Bad Reviews - Collections Dip
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Half Girlfriend Hit With Bad Reviews - Collections Dip

Box Office

Vishal Aaditya Kundu

Half Girlfriend opened average on it’s Opening Day scoring low, mostly due to the criticism it did drew.The movie only managed to register a 6.5 Crore on the first day.

From being a Chetan Bhagat novel to how the story was portrayed, the movie was made fun on every platform of social media.

Though in spite of it, the movie got marketed really well, and this worked in the favour of Half Girlfriend. But even with the end-level marketing, the movie failed to glue up viewers with the story.

From critics to viewers, they trashed the movie for it’s story and how the novel was executed. Not every Chetan Bhagat novel can be made into a movie.

Though generally movies based on Chetan Bhagat novels turn out to be hits, and even go well with the critics. His earlier works, which were adapted into films, 3 Idiots or 2 States or Kai Po Che, all did well at the box office and won hearts among the masses.

Though trade analysts are hoping the film to pick up in the weekend, and the film might get to gain the momentum in the coming days.