Hollywood movies The Man worth 3000 crore - Akshay Kumar.
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The Man worth 3000 crore - Akshay Kumar.


Vishal Aaditya Kundu

Akshay Kumar is the only actor from Bollywood, whose movies collectively has made 3000 crores. Well that’s really a big number. No Khans or Kapoors have been able to do it. Akshay Kumar made his debut back in the 90s as a action hero, and today is one of the highest paid actors in the world. Akshay Kumar is even the highest tax payer in India.

Akshay Kumar started his career working at a travel agency in Chowringhee in Kolkata. Then he went to Bangkok where he worked as a Chef in a restaurant, and then completed his martial arts course there. He accidently got his Portfolio done, and got a breakthrough by famous producer director back then, Mr. Pramod Chakraborty.

His career has seen all highs and lows. Once Akshay gave flops of 20 films in a trot. It was never easy where he is now. He fought at every step, and the simple man made it to the top. Today Akshay is among the top five stars in the industry, and his known for his signature comic skills, and for the serious roles too. He for his major part of career has been into mainstream films, but has done offbeat films too.


Akshay owns a trend in the industry to make 3 to 4 films per year compared to other big names in the industry. The Khans do a films each a year, and the A-listed Kapoor's do one or two films each year. The revenue collection may be less compared to the Khans, but movies of Akshay Kumar do a commendable business. What works for Akshay that, from the 3 to 4 films he does in a financial year, the cumulative business it does is much more high than the other big actors.

What does work really well for Akshay Kumar is that he does his job with perfection. Choosing a apt project, doing different genres in a year to promoting them well. From comedy to serious to noir dramas to action to social to anything he is good at. He is an amazing actor and human being. He is never late to his shooting, and neither have any habit of partying or wasting money for useless issues.

Akshay is known for his philanthropic deeds for the social causes. He has an admirable amount of fan following and huge fan base in both India and overseas. Akshay Kumar is never pulled into any controversy and neither does he put himself in such a situation. He has a all clean image and always pays all his taxes in advance. He doesn’t work with the big production houses, but his movies does make a lot of money. His critically acclaimed works is noted for his methodical acting and sharp skills.

We congratulate Akshay Kumar for such a feat, and wish his movies keep on earning thousands of crores.
You deserve it Mr. Khiladi !