Hollywood movies 10 Reasons Why Gully Boy Could Be The Best Film In 2019
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10 Reasons Why Gully Boy Could Be The Best Film In 2019

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If you haven't already seen Gully Boy, believe me, you are missing out on some unexpected action and motivation. While Bollywood is still breathing on love stories and action starrers, Gully Boy turned out to be a refreshing breeze.

We just loved the film, and there are reasons to back it.

Bollywood doesn't often make movies on such subjects, but this one stands out tall. The raw story does make an impact, not for the acting or music or rap, but the story.

Here's 10 reasons why Gully Boy can turn out to be the best film in 2019.

1. The Story That Moves You
Gully Boy depicts the story of an underdog. This is not the first time Bollywood made a story on a underdog. But when you see a person fighting for his dream against the odds in this film, it will impact you. What are we doing with our lives, and why we need to follow our passion.

2. Fighting Against All The Odds
No one can ever reach the top without fighting against the odds. But most importantly, the story of Gully Boy pushes you to think why you need to follow your passion, than what our parents want us to be.

3. Raw Acting
Ranveer just put up a performance of his lifetime. This guy is a pure genius. Not only the main leads, every actor in the movie, starting from Alia Bhatt to Vijay Raaz, everyone has done a commendable job.

4. Music
Gully Boy has a music which actually carries the movie. The songs are really meaningful, specially Doori and Azaadi. Divine and Javed sahab has done a great job with the lyrics.

5. The Indian Hip Hop Culture
This a big slap to all the so-called stereotypes who make fun of Indian rap. They are ready to listen to Eminem, but have a problem with the desi guys. We indeed have some great work happening in the country, just move out of that Badshah and Yo Yo Honey zone.


6. Direction
Zoya Akhtar is obviously a talented director, but a story such as Gully Boy was completely unexpected. While all her movies do make sense and are directed well, but Gully Boy excels all her past projects.

7. Ranveer Singh
In a single sentence, Ranveer Singh stole the show. Ekdum hard! Is there anything this guy can't do? There's not a single part in the movie you will realise that it's Ranveer. He got into the skin of the character so well, it seemed like a cakewalk for him.

8. Cinematography
Jay Oza, the cinematographer of Gully Boy have done a stellar job with the camera. The use of natural lights and tones make all the scenes really believable. While Zoya has shot the whole movie in real locations, Jay has done a fantastic job in capturing the scenes in the perfect lighting.

9. Dialogues & Screenplay
A story is as strong as its screenplay and dialogues. Gully Boy does have a nice story, but the screenplay and dialogues backing it made it the strongest. While none of the dialogues are over the top, they all do hit the right chords in the perfect manner.

10. Entertainment
Not only content, Gully Boy also blends in the right dose of entertainment. From Alia hitting people who flirts with his boyfriend to the slack humour, you will enjoy the whole movie (which runs for a long 2 hr 36 mins) without a dull moment.

To sum up, Gully Boy will make your day. Bollywood needed this break badly. Again to all the critics, content is indeed the king, if you can handle it in the right manner!