Hollywood movies 5 Most Controversial Upcoming Bollywood Movies
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5 Most Controversial Upcoming Bollywood Movies

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Vishal Aaditya Kundu

Bollywood and Controversy are two things, which never leave each other. But when intentionally movies are made on sensitive subjects, things get more interesting.

Here are the upcoming 5 controversial films, which you can’t afford to miss -

5. Saare Jahaan Se Achaa

Based on the first Astronaut from India, Rakesh Sharma. None other than perfectionist Aamir Khan will don the role.


4. Padman

Based on a social cause, the movie is based on a person named Arunachalam Muruganantham, who invented machines to produce low cost sanitary pads. Though the film soon ran into trouble after several acquisitions were pitted against the makers and producers.

3. Mogul

Based on the India’s uncrowned music emperor Gulshan Kumar, played by Akshay Kumar. The movie is based on the infamous killing of the music producer back in the time.

2. Sanjay Dutt Biopic (Untitled)

Ranbir Kapoor will play Sanjay Dutt on screen in the film. The story has a lot of controversies, portraying her whole life of Sanjay Dutt, which includes his ups and downs of his life, family life, love life and many other things.

1. The Accidental Prime Minister

Based on the life of then Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, the film will see Anupam Kher donning the role. It will definitely be one of the most controversial films in the history of Bollywood.