Hollywood movies Akshay Kumar's Mogul - The Gulshan Kumar Biopic
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Akshay Kumar's Mogul - The Gulshan Kumar Biopic

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The man behind the multi billion dollar music company T-series. Recently Akshay Kumar has been signed on who will be portraying role of the late music baron Gulshan Kumar in the film Mogul. The life which inspires many.

It will be an exciting ride for Akshay as he is slowly blending into the mix of good projects lately, and has been giving hits one after another. With getting into the hangover of the success of Jolly LLB 2, the announcement of the Mogul was a huge surprise of the fans and even the industry. Gulshan Kumar has been an integral part who helped in the foundation of the Bollywood in the beginning of the years.

To look a little back into the past of the life of the late music baron, Gulshan Kumar was born back on 5th of May in the year 1951 in Punjab in a traditional Punjabi household as Gulshan Dua. The man started off his initial brush with that with the music industry at at very early age, to be precise it all started just at the age of 23 year.

The journey started when Gulshan Dua basically acquired a small shop and started to sell records and a number of audio cassettes at cheap prices. It was here when he understand the potential of music, and saw it as a profitable venture.

So initially Gulshan started to produce audio cassettes on his own, which were allegedly pirated which went to establish his own venture, which carried to be established as the Super Cassettes Industries.

The business grew exponentially, and soon the profits multiplied to a number of times. A normal son of a simple household in Punjab, who had a family business of selling fruit juices, became a multi-millionaire in no time. The business was doing very well, and the parts of the sale and mainly the export of the produced audio cassettes was doing extremely well. Gulshan with the initial success soon moved to the city of dreams, in Mumbai.

Gulshan had his first tryst with the Bollywood in Mumbai was the Lal Dupatta Malmal Ka in the year 1989, which created massive success because of the catchy songs. Soon came Aashiqui (1990) and the mega hit Aamir Khan starrer Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahi (1991) which escalated him into the bigger league. Even he is credited who gave platforms to some of the biggest singers in the country like Sonu Nigam, Anuradha Paudwal and Kumar Sanu (who got their big break from Gulshan Kumar).

Gulshan Kumar was a deeply religious man. He flooded the music market with thousands of devotional songs, and sadly it was outside a temple where he was shot dead with 16 bullets throttled into his body.

Nadeem Saifee was the prime suspect murder of him. The composer of the duo Nadeem-Shravan, he was not particularly happy with the way Gulshan marketed his solo album Hai Ajnabi which led to his outrage and gangster Abu Salem was given the extortion money to kill Gulshan Kumar.

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