Hollywood movies Bazaar Movie Preview: Saif Ali Khan & The Money Business!
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Bazaar Movie Preview: Saif Ali Khan & The Money Business!

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Vishal Aaditya Kundu


After the grueling success of Sacred Games, Saif Ali Khan will be seen playing the wolf of Dalal Street in is upcoming flick Bazaar. The man is going grey with his characters and this time he will play maths and money, a shrewd business, Shakun Kothari.

Also starring Radhika Apte, Chitrangada Singh and newcomer Rohan Mehra, Bazaar has a lot to offer this festive season.

Saif Ali Khan is a stock market mogul in the film who has made his fortune playing by his rules. The film will see Rohan Mehra playing Rizwan, son of late actor Vinod Mehra’s son. The movie is all about cutthroat competition in stock market and how you play with the money.


Money is multiplied into money, and the game goes on. Saif is a stock market veteran in the movie and Rohan is new to the world on stock trying to make his life work in the stock industry.

While Shakun Kothari, aka Saif Ali Khan is all serious about his money and don't see anything between his money and himself, Rizwan Ahmed aka Rohan runs on emotions.

We will see Shakun hiring Rizwan for his company and strictly warning him to never lose his money. You will get to see things going right until the good time takes a turn.

Radhika is playing a co-worker to Rizwan. We are yet to know more about her. She welcomes Rizwan to the company, the new city and into her world of opportunism. Chitrangada Singh here plays a judicious wife to Saif Ali Khan in Bazaar. She seems wise and mature telling Shakun to think while taking his decisions.

The whole movie is based on the story of a man who is here to make a fortune  in the city of dreams when he meets this business honcho Shakun Kothari. Bazaar mainly will focus on the dangerous world of stock trading.

Shakun Kothari, played by Saif Ali Khan plays a brutal businessman in the movie. He plays by his own rules, where the first rule for his people involved in his business is not to lose his money. And the second rule is not to forget the first rule ever.

Saif Ali Khan is playing a Gujrati in the movie, has donned the accent especially to play an authentic Gujarati businessman. We will get to see more in the film and his other shades of the character. The man doesn't mix emotions with business, and only cares about profits. He is a man who has used maths to make millions of money in the stock market.

Up next, we see the newcomer Rohan Mehra playing Rizwan Ahmed struggling through. The guy from a small city came to Mumbai to make it big in the city. He idolizes Shakun Kothari, the shrewd businessman and impresses him to get a job at his company.

It will be interesting to see how the actors move with their roles in the movie and will emotion win over money, or money is everything at the end of the day?

For more we need to watch the movie at the theatres. Bazaar is releasing this week on October 26, and there's a lot of suspense building up.

Bazaar is directed by Gauravv K Chawla, produced by ace director Nikhil Advani.