Hollywood movies Laila Majnu Movie Review directed by Sajid Ali, produced by Ekta Kapoor, Shobha Kapoor, Preety, Music by Sunidhi Chauhan
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Laila Majnu Movie Review A Love Story Made Differently!

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Vishal Aaditya Kundu

Written by the talented Imtiaz Ali, Laila Majnu is a take on a new age romance based in Kashmir. You can already see the same theme of discovery like other Imtiaz Ali films. Helmed by his brother Sajid Ali, Laila Majnu marks his directorial debut in Bollywood.
Set in a present-day Kashmir, the film has done justice portraying the world’s paradise.


Laila Majnu is different than other movies and battles out a beautiful story in Kashmir to fight for the freedom to love and marry.

As we move into the story, the first half of Laila Majnu has been shot and done with perfection over the current political situation taking over the greens and blues.

Coming to how the film has been shot, the man behind the camera Sayak Bhattacharya has done his job perfectly to portray Kashmir with the right lights and soft hues.

He has been able to capture a haunting Kashmir in the backdrop of the current volatile situation in Kashmir with the spirit of the film.

Laila Majnu can be put under the genre of the musical, as the film has ten songs and each does just to the narrative without exceeding at any point.


The refreshing part of the movie is the newbie TriptiDimri who gave life to Laila with her flawless acting. As the second part of the film starts, you will feel a bit of exaggeration. There is no doubt top notch acting backed by the soulful songs and cinematography keeping up the story high.

Laila Majnu is about a story with discreet love to how parents oppose a marriage in the backdrop of Kashmir's politics. The narrative and chemistry of Tripti and Avinash was something that gave life to the film.

The writer takes you on a journey that will grow with you in stages. You will accept the lead actors, their lives, their stories, their struggles all in package backed by the beauty of Kashmir.

Talking of the male lead, Avinash has done a pretty good job with his acting where he grows from a typical Hindi film hero to a broken man. He will make you fall for this Majnu in the movie.

To sum up the story of Laila Majnu, this isn’t any of those typical Bollywood love stories.


Imtiaz Ali has weaved a beautiful story out of the present day Kashmir and how things have changed all these years, the place, the people, their lives and more. It will shake you up, both in tragic and emotional.

There is romance, but there's struggle too. It's different, and for all the right reasons. You will go back home with a beautiful story at the end.

Story: 3.5/5
Acting: 4/5
Direction: 3.5/5
Cinematography: 4/5

SWG Rating: 3.5/