Hollywood movies Paltan-Indian war film written, directed and produced by J.P. Dutta, based on 1967 Nathu La and Cho La clashes along the Sikkim.
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Paltan Movie Review: Falls Flat, Not Even Inch Close To Border!

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Vishal Aaditya Kundu

Paltan is based on the 1967 clash between troops of India and China near Sikkim, the movie is too much emotion to be just a war film. JP Dutta needs to understand we are over the Border period, and 20 years have crossed.

Paltan is two and a half hours which till the end becomes painful, like really painful.
Like with other JP Dutta films, Paltan has its soldiers getting emotional about their parents, wives, children. Though, the struggle of soldiers staying away from homes and their struggle has been portrayed in the right manner.

The fights are funny as they always end up their fight on a "Hindi-Chinibhaibhai" note. The narrative of Paltan is very poor and the way the personal lives of the protagonists have been portrayed seems overdone.

The onscreen emotions are very common to what we have earlier seen in other J.P. Dutta films,m earlier, so there's nothing different or better you are going to find us. The director missed out on the present age novelty, and the subject could have been treated better.

The war scenes don't have that charisma and the build-ups with the actual clashes are really slow and painful to watch. With those no-sense background details, Paltan just tries to play the emotion game here.

Paltan has been poorly made, and you can very well blame the story and screenplay for that. JP Dutta has a set pattern for his films, and there's nothing to look for in the film.

The whole film revolves around background stories and overdriven emotions.
Since Border, things have changed and so has how war films are depicted on-screen. JP Dutta pioneered war drama, and his films paved a new genre of emotions in war stories.

Though, Paltan falls flat. The movie tries to recover itself at many points and even the intent is pure, but the movie fails in term of making, technology and screenplay.

The movie lacked in CGI coupled with shaky camerawork to a massive miscast of certain actors, Paltan is taken down by multiple negatives.
You will get to see some action for real action almost two hours you are into the story. That's the hell of a patience-testing screen time.

After some ruffle truffle, you will get to see some machine guns and bomb tanks at the end. Except for a few scenes in the beginning and middle, the war scenes don't even match up to any standard film.

The random gunshots and bombs space out more loops lacking emotions. To sum up, Paltan is really long, beyond your level of patience loaded with extra emotions and boring scenes.

Only do watch if you really have nothing to do for the rest of the next three weeks, or you want some good sleep.

Story: 2/5
Acting: 2.5/5
Direction: 2.5/5
Cinematography: 1/5

SWG Rating: 1.5/5