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Sui Dhaaga Movie Review: A Story Made With Love!

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Vishal Aaditya Kundu

In view of the life of Mauji, a tailor played by Varun Dhawan and his significant other Mamta played by Anushka Sharma. Sui Dhaaga is a basic story weaved out of wonderful parts at various levels.
Mauji is married, however has an unpleasant life. He lives in this confused world around his father and where he works. Mamta discovers Mauji is only a worker or a joker who engages his boos by making jokes or acting as different animals.

She gets bothered and steamed at this, requests Mauji to leave the job to which he concurs and affronts his manager, but finally and gets fired.

He is jobless now, and starts thinking what he can do now to make some money. So he starts using neighbor's sewing machine which was kept at his place. 


He opens a tailor shop on a road side. One day he gets a call from Mamta expressing that his mother is been admitted to the hospital

Mauji's mother says she is not comfortable rest in a saree, so he returns home and makes a nighty for her with some extra pockets so the saline can be associated effectively.
As the nighty gets extremely celebrated at the hospital, he begins getting orders for the same for Rs 500 each.

Mauji and Mamta takes the order and they buy fabric to start making the nighties. But when they return home to start making the nighties they come to realize that the sewing machine is taken back by their neighbors and they are demanding a 40 percent commission of the whole order, but Mauji denies.


Now they start to work for another proprietor, but realise he is simply utilizing them. They think of starting their own business for the same.

As his father starts taunting him again as he is again jobless. Meanwhile Mamta comes up with an idea to take a participation in a big fashion event organised by Raymond.

They borrow the sewing machine by apologising to their neighbour and gets selected for the fashion show. As the judges advise that they would need multiple clothes and is not a job of 2 people, so they get the entire village added and win the competition.

Sui Dhaaga is a simple story shown in a different way. You see the characters fighting for their own identities.

Both the actors managed to bring in the charm on screen. The supporting actors have done their bit as well, and even with some of the flawed scenes, the story shields that up well.

At some point the movie is depressing as well however the chemistry between the leading pair is flawless. The director who earlier gave us a beautiful Dum LagaKeHaisha, the the next one is a winner as well.

Sui Dhaaga has its own ups and downs, but it manages very well. Sui Dhaaga won't disappoint you, it will leave a huge impact on how everyone around the country is fighting for their existence.