Hollywood movies Jagga Jasoos Late Review - Smart, Quirky and Different !
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Jagga Jasoos Late Review - Smart, Quirky and Different !

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Vishal Aaditya Kundu

Bollywood doesn’t have a good share of any musical or such a genre on it’s list.

Basu’s craft of art is the blend of an unique vision ravelled into a beautiful story. To start with, Jagga Jasoos isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and most people would end up not getting the real thing behind.

The films starts off on a ambitious note and keeps you glued with the stunning visuals and moments, but loses with the drag. Though Ranbir and Anurag slayed down a beautiful poetry of narration, the movie tried a bit too far.

The converting silence into prose of music, the expressions into feelings, you could see the fairy tales coming true into all the into colorful action.

Basu is a very different when it comes to storytelling. With the film, you can sense how the normal things get a vivid cinematic canvas with the naked truths of this bitter world.

The film is a version of the magic realism of global and regional, be it inspired or the derivative, a real world or something scattered, the story is a disillusioned realism.

All it wants to say is, convert humans into believers!

Don’t miss out. Kudos to Basu, Ranbir and Chatterjee.