Hollywood movies Ki and Ka Review: Delightful first part, fell flat in the next.
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Ki and Ka Review: Delightful first part, fell flat in the next.

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By Vishal Aaditya Kundu

Ki and Ka has been in the news, since its making. Be it for the unconventional script or that interesting plotting of characters. The expectations were way high, because of that unique concept. The swapping of the spots of where a man and woman should be, how they should be living and how they should be working. But that didn’t turnout much well. The constant badgering of the script, or trying to make it that typical Bollywood film, it doesn’t stand out well. The new vide concept couldn’t develop into a good story, due to improper execution.



Prologue. Kareena Kapoor plays Kia who is a corporate particular, wants to achieve the top spot and Arjun Kapoor plays Kabir, a topper form IIM, who is into the ancestral property of his father’s construction business, but is not interested at all. Kabir wants to be his like mother, who is a housewife. So how do they take it on, with all odds upfront, is the story.
Story. The ship sank and the reason was the poor script. The story did start well, and the chemistry was building on between Kareena and Arjun and that did put fresh vibes onscreen. But script couldn’t do justice to what it wanted to depict. The message of gender equality. The major failure was the execution of the story into the next level. The director failed at it. The genders are doing their opposite jobs, but how the society sees it and the moral protest starts, that goes completely missing. Only their family is seen badgering at them. The beautiful concept could have been developed into a strong reply to this stereotypic society, but the script couldn’t do enough justice.

Kareena Kapoor as Kia, did a commendable job with her acting skills. She has lot to show to the world, but she still does those no-sense masala flicks. Arjun Kapoor as Kabir, did great but he could have put more inputs.  Swaroop Sampat as Kia’s mother did a fair job and Rajit Kapoor as Kabir’s father in that short role, made it alive.

Direction. R.Balki is known for choosing unconventional concepts and developing them into cinematic celluloids. The new concept of swapping the jobs of a gender in Ki and Ka was stack and fresh. The director did a fair job in putting the components into a plot, but failed to execute it. The story could have been a major turnaround for not only Bollywood, but would have given a strong message to the society. Balki started off well, but couldn’t pull it off with the pace of the story.

Music was enduring and appealable. The songs were well composed and were put at the right spots of the story.
Verdict. The concept is fresh and will charm you. The story is entertaining at the first part, and starts to dull with the flow. But still is enjoyable and you will savour it till the last moment. It’s a one-time watch material.

Acting – 3.5/5
Script – 2/5
Direction – 2/5
Cinematography – 3.5/5
Music – 3.5/5

SWG Rating – 2.5/5