Hollywood movies The Best Cafes and Restaurants in Delhi For Yummy Food And Great Ambience.
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The Best Cafes and Restaurants in Delhi For Yummy Food And Great Ambience.



The heart of India scores one of the best cafes and restaurants in the country. Check onto our list of the best Cafes and Restaurants in the capital.
Ploof Deli Kitchen & Bar
It is an award winning place who have their excellence majorly in continental and seafood. Plus not to the miss the list of wine. They have one of the city’s best wine in store. They are located at a silent garden terrace which will be adding to your perfect evening ambience.


Three Sixty
Located at the base of posh The Oberoi hotel, Three Sixty is among the top visited spots in the capital. Three Sixty is quite popular for sporting business events, and organising their lunches and dinners, different power breakfasts and so much in store. In case if you are finding a place for some special get together or some occasion or even a treat, this is your best option in Delhi.

For some special evening or a date with that special person, this place has been built for such special occasions. Sevilla has some of the finest interiors and has a miraculous ambience. This place is actually built with inspiration from the Mediterranean taking its sky and sea in parts. Sevilla offers you some of the mind blowing delights from the European land and the Casablanca.


Smoke House Deli
Getting a sweet taste of New York in the locals of Delhi, this place has been specially built for that. Smoke House Deli has some of the amazing interiors, with one of the best served food in the city.

They have come a long way. From just being a small shop to the most happening zone for the DU students to hang out. Serving one of the most delicious food, they remain on the top slot zone.


Big Yellow Door
This would be your place if you had been finding a spot which would be offering some offbeat in place, and average priced food with some great ambience in the north campus. We have a solution to that, and that’s Big Yellow Door. Other options are there too, but Big Yellow Door would be on the top spot.


OTB (Out of the box)
OTB is one of my personal favourites. It is has been built in three levels which has been divided into each for a specific purpose. One has a stage which is there up for the live acts, then a restaurant in the middle and a huge rooftop bar. The view from up there is amazing, looking into the lake and the ruins of the Hauz Khas Village.


Hauz Khas Social
This place has been specially built, which mixes up an experience of a perfect time and food. It is an urban hangout place with properly placed elements. This place is a mix of innovative things and it has some really interesting food. It is a place you should be trying. It is a must visit place for its unique features and aura.