Hollywood movies The Most ‘Expensive Ads’ Ever Made & Behind Stories
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The Most ‘Expensive Ads’ Ever Made & Behind Stories


Sehba Jalal

When we catch all new ads on television, many curious among us question, this amazing ad might have gone to a whooping making budget! We all know, advertising is the most powerful and inevitable strategy which all whether small or giants companies can’t compromise to promote their brand and outreach masses. With the age of infotainment and internet, everything has gone smarter and bigger, We, SWG, put down the most expensive tele ads ever made till today crossing the budget of a mid size Hindi film and catch out some intresting stories behind the most influential and not to exaggerate these larger than life ads.

8. Apple:  $0.6 Million

From the most luxurious and expensive tech giant ‘Apple’ , this ad from Apple was launched long back in 1984 where a famous heroine is depicted as saving mankind by breaking the glass to basically introduce people Apple and Macintosh, till today this ad is considered as one of most classical yet advanced TV advertisement. INR Equi. 41 Million

7. Go Daddy: $2.4 Million

Making recognition for its witty, funny and cool ads, Go Daddy is the leading name in internet domain registrar and web hosting company based in US. This ad from was introduced in 2005 depicting a wrestler in a sexy getup who was referring people to purchase products from this website, such was strange concept and controversery generated, it was soon banned all over world and couldn’t air on TV but the ad did its job to gather appreciation and controversery to make Go Daddy number one website for purchasing different product. INR Equi. 164 Million

6. Ferrari: $3.9 Million

The world renowned luxurious and fastest car maker ‘Ferrari’ needs no formal intro but a hat’s off! This ad form Ferrari depicts old cars were used for modern cars with the latest technologies; the objective of ad was to show fantasy of all Ferrari and sport car lovers in a single frame.INR Equi. 264 Million.


5. Honda: $6.5 Million

The Japanese brand and the world largest two wheeler manufacturer Honda has won its reputation what it deserves and also known for its tech advanced cars. It’s the flying bird whose wings arrived in India in ’99. In this ad the various feature of car were shown, the beauty and performance of a luxurious car were highlighted and also focused how different products of a car assembled to a make your car.INR Equi. 445 Million

4. Pepsi: $7.53 Million

Everyone knows electrifying Pepsi, the inevitable king companion with junk foods and snacks. The Pepsi ad was the most popular ad of its time which came in 2002 presenting Britney Spears singing a song for Pepsi for people where she said Pepsi is for young ones attracting millions youth. This ad achieved huge success for Pepsi and Britney was quickly hired for the next ad.INR Equi. 515 Million.



3. Ranveer Ching Returns: Rs 750 Million

After the tremendous success of ad ‘My Name Is Ranveer Ching’ (2014), contributed to 150 per cent growth, from the Indian Chinese cuisine ingredients brand Ching’s Secret from Capital Foods; this time even bigger with’ Ranveer Ching Returns’ (‘16) a larger than life experience to make India’s most expensive ad ever made and directed by action-thriller macho director Rohit Shetty featuring Ranveer Singh and Tamannaah Bhatia backed by Yash Raj Films running the five and half minute.

2. Aviva Insurance-$13.4 Million

London based Aviva came up with this ad in 2008 to uplift and popularize itself to stand up in line of coke or Honda. The only aim was to make Aviva Insurance’s name on people’s mind for which they hired celebrities like Walter Wills, Richard Starkey and many other big names. It now has 33 million customers across 16 countries. INR Equi. 918 Million


1. Guinness Beer: $20 Million

Here is the world’s most expensive ad ever made and intrestingly it has no famous celebrities in it. The main feature of the ad is only beer added with many effects on it. What more garnered popularity for this ad was their tagline’ Good Things Come To Those Who wait’ which has now turned a well trusted slogan. Well, we don’t where was money spent in this ad but it’s the world most expensive ad ever made.INR 1370 Million.

Who Knows What More Surprises People Would Witness In The Coming Years…….