Hollywood movies Ford Mustang - The King of Cars has arrived!
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Ford Mustang - The King of Cars has arrived!



The most stylish Ford has arrived in India directly from America. Ford Mustang is the newest one off the Ford for India.

Ford has come a long way, and bringing this exact ‘right seater Mustang’ to India directly from the foreign land, with keeping almost everything in a place, have been their biggest gamble. Though it does seem like a tough call, but this gamble had paid off well. The initial sales and craze for the Mustang has sought Ford’s dominance in the Indian car industry.


It was last year when Ford made the announcement of the launch of Mustang in India after 52 years of its first launch. The time when the Aspire was launched. The news of the launch of the Mustang put out a lot of craze in the car market. Though the decision was asked by many, as India is mainly a market for hatchbacks, mini sedans and sedans.

Entry in the Indian Territory
Many were in a kind of dilemma, as this would be a huge step for the company. Many objected, and with the final decision many were skeptical about it. When it got the final call, things transformed which ended in ease. At Last when the things got a final confirmation, and ultimately Mustang landed on the Indian soil.

Ford Mustang finally made it to India officially


The Designers have worked really hard on the aerodynamics of the car, which offers the car as a package of aggression and the energy in stance. The car has been made such stylishly, it will form out a class which has been reluctantly refined.

Car Profile
Just imagine how the scene would be when the Mustang, 52 years later made its debut in India. The moment was phenomenal for the Indian automobile industry. In the span over fifty two years, the company has over 9.2 million units sold of the Mustang. Though it has remained that popular, as it was in the past. In the year 2015 Ford has sold over 1.10 lakh units.


It wasn’t enough to move the steer from the left to the right. It wasn’t the only change. Ford worked really hard on the model, and they have managed to pull off things on proper terms and on the right level, which has made the inputs in the Mustang really exciting and thus has taken the car to a whole new level. They have managed to keep almost everything on block, and not letting that Mustang essence go.

Whereas coming on the out, exterior does have some of the changes in the plot. One who has seen the foreign design they would be familiar what are the parts where the Indian Mustang will differ to the the actual one, which are mainly the sleek  A pillars and the C pillars. When they were removed for this version, they have practically lowered the roof part size, almost over seven inches. On the other hand, the rear track has seen a sharp growth.

The Mustang will be getting a 5 Litre V8 Engine. It will be something interesting to look out for. It will be offering a 395 bhp and 515 Nm torque.


If you would see the Mustang performing, you would see it doing the best, more than you could expect. Coming to the power delivery, it would be running really smooth and will eventually make it easy by the standards. With those large 19 inch wheels, they would be providing you more than better gripping and the brakes will do their part really damn well.

Technical Specifications


Length (mm) - 4784

Width(mm) - 2080 (with mirrors)

Height (mm) - 1391

Brakes - Disc ( both front and rear)

Colors - Oxford White , Race Red , Triple yellow Tri coat , Magnetic , Black , Ingot Silver

A hell of a car indeed.
Hail to Mustang!