Hollywood movies 10 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Fried Foods- Health Facts!
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10 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Fried Foods- Health Facts!

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Deep frying is a common cooking method used all around the world as people love fried food. Using vegetable oils to fry the food may be bad for your health due to the production of toxic chemical called Aldehydes during heating process. Fried Foods are rich in fat, calories and salt. When food is fried it becomes more calorific because food absorbs the fat of the oil.

Fried Food mostly includes French fries, Burger, Pizza, Fried Chicken, you can almost fry anything. Many restaurants and fast food chains use this method because it is a quick and cheap way to prepare food. Fried food can satisfy your taste buds and you enjoy it the most.
 Fast food restaurant generally use hydrogenated oils in fast food cooking. These hydrogenated oils are rich in trans fats. Hydrogenated oils is more unhealthy when it is reused, which restaurants often do. Restaurants use these oils again and again to offer food a delicious taste. Many people have fondness of greasy, shiny food.

Eating fried food increases the risk of several conditions like- obesity, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.  These can result in diseases like diabetes and heart diseases.


Why You Avoid Intaking Fried Foods

-Oil used in fried food is full of fat, food absorb this fat and increase the amount of calories in your body which will make you overweight resulting in problems like diabetes and heart diseases. These kinds of fried foods may satisfy your hunger and taste buds but these foods don’t have any nutritional value. Having these foods frequently may affect your health in adverse way.

-Fried foods causes clog arteries and leads to strokes. Fried foods are not good for heart.

-Hydrogenated oil used for frying is key to trans fat. It raises your cholesterol level, increasing the risk of heart diseases.

-Malfunctioning of brain can be a cause of eating fried food.

-Deep frying destroys the good nutrients in the food, so we end up eating empty calories which leads to obesity.

-Fried food doesn't breakdown properly result in harming our kidney, liver, intestine and prostate.  These foods are hard to digest or take longer time to get digested. It may impact your digestive system badly, so say a Big No to fried foods.

-Heating oil above 300 degree Fahrenheit damages the oil, causing toxin formation in food.

-Eating unhealthy oil or fried food for longer time or on regular basis can put you on the risk of developing many diseases

-These are some reasons that compel you to say goodbye to fried food.

You should understand only one thing that fried food is not good for your health and it has no nutritional value. Fried foods are served in almost all the restaurants but you should avoid them and choose the healthy food items over fried food options.

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