Hollywood movies A stroke happens when the blood supply to the brain is cut off.
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42% Rise In Strokes Among Young People: How To Stay Safe?

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Vishal Aaditya Kundu

According to a recent report, the pattern of strokes are changing with every passing day.Human beings are now more vulnerable to strokes, especially the young ones at the highest risk.

The strokes and their occurrence have evolved over the time and irrespective of people living in rural or urban locations.

The most surprising discovery is that the rising scenario of strokes is maximum among the younger adults, and the study has also revealed that younger people are more prone to strokes in 2018 and coming years.

There's a 42 percent spike in the total number of strokes among the age group of 18 to 34 year olds.

What's So Wrong? Why So Many Young People Are Having Strokes?


In the short term several researches have indicated severe strokes have occurred among the younger people, and its growing at a very high rate.

The problem is at the peak, and it just the beginning of their earning years. This will indirectly impact their families and future lives badly.

The major reasons behind the growth of strokes at such an impeccable rate remains an unsorted puzzle.


What's Causing Strokes In Younger People?


The factors are mixed. Strokes have seen a sharp rise, and multiple deaths has been reported in the recent years. Among all, pollution remains the primary contributing factor. The strokes has been higher in the urban locations where the pollution levels are at one of the worst states.

From Delhi to Mumbai to Bangalore to Kolkata, all major metropolitan cities are badly down with poor air quality. Surprisingly most of the people aren't even aware of the very situation that could put them at a higher risk of stroke anytime.

The studies have associated the cause of stroke with long term exposure to high levels of air pollution and the dangerous air being inhaled.

So, It's Pollution That Causing Strokes? Not Exactly!


As we get older, our body is exposed to a number of health conditions such as higher level of cholesterols, inadequacy in blood pressure, rising blood sugar and much more. The current working generation in India, specially in urban areas have immense work pressure and most adults follow a very irregular lifestyle.

Apart from pollution, your unhealthy lifestyle is adding up to the chances for a stroke. Also, smoking can double (sorry, triple!) your chances of a stroke.

For women contraceptive adds up to your increased risk of blood clots which has been a major cause of strokes in the gender. The other factors are hypertension, lipid disorders, diabetes, use of tobacco and obesity.

How To Stay Fit Against Strokes?


It's a five-step rule. You need to follow this simple set of five must-do things to keep yourself safe and healthy against strokes.

I know you are busy and have no time for this, but remember work and money isn't more important than life!

Don't end up screwed in that hospital bed paying all your fortune,so follow these for your own good.


1. Eat Healthy

Eat healthy as much as possible. Stop eating all that junk which adds up to your cholesterol and blood pressure.

2. Exercise Daily

Have a 15-minute daily work out session with some slight cardio and warm up exercises.

3. Drink Moderately

Drinking some beer or wine won't hurt you much, but it's better if you don't. Even if you do, keep it to the moderate levels.


4.Treat Diabetes

If you have diabetes, treat it. Diabetic patients are more prone to strokes, and it raises the chance of a stroke by 87 percent.

5. Stop Smoking Now!

If you smoke, quit it now. NOW!

If you can't, take professional help. Smoking accounts for 64 percent of the strokes.