Hollywood movies 5 Ways You Can Eat Sweets Without Gaining Weight This Diwali.
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5 Ways You Can Eat Sweets Without Gaining Weight This Diwali.

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Vishal Aaditya Kundu


Indians can't celebrate without sweets. We love our sweets, and they never disappoint us. But, with sweets come great responsibility. I mean, the weight. Yeah, the extra happiness and weight you get with sweets go hand in hand.



But, what if you can eat sweets without gaining extra weight. Too good to be true?

Well, no!

There are solutions to your weight problems. Indian sweets come loaded with fats and its really hard to resist the temp of sweets during the festivals. While these delicacies are fat-laden, there are ways you can get away with the sweets without gaining weight.

Here is the five point golden rule. Follow these to enjoy the sweets this Diwali without gaining weight.


1. Count The Calories
You won't gain weight unless you cross your daily intake calorie limit. While most of the delicacies come loaded with calories, if you can keep a count on what you are eating, things won't go out of your hands. Eating some sweets and parts of fried foods won't do any harm.

Keep these things in mind:

* Take small bites.
* Eat every two hours.
* Prefer dry fruits.
* Eat less during night.
* Eat greens during day.
* Have lesser carbs.

2. Don't Overeat
The worst thing you can do is overeat. The common mistake most of us do is binge eating. Indian sweets are one of the most delicious and have some of the best savouries in the world. Do keep in mind that overeating will hamper your routine. A small laddu is equal is the number of calories you burn by running for around 8 to 10 kilometres.

Probably now you have an idea of how much calories these sweets come with. So do eat, but set your limits.


3. Make Your Own Sweets

If you will make your own sweets, you can control on what to add and what not. Excess sugar hampers health, so use substitutes like honey or jaggery or maybe maple syrup. Use healthier products. This will help you to make better sweets with the best of ingredients.

Use less ghee and whole milk. Instead go for dry fruits and homemade ingredients. This will help you to cut the fat as much as possible.

4. Keep Yourself Hydrated

Drink water as much as possible. Water helps you to cut fat and assists the body against generic fat settlement metabolism. We recommend at least 4 to 5 litres during the day. Keeping yourself hydrated will help you to alleviate the false hunger.

Water also adds to the weight loss and will help your body to get rid of the extra oil you ate.


5. Stay Active
Don’t skip your workout schedule. Stay active and have an 15 to 30 minute added workout to your normal routine. A little walk after you eat will help your body against the added weight. Look for ways to can keep yourself active and busy throughout the day physically.

Don't skip your workout during the festive season. Being in the activities will help your body to shed the calories faster without adding to your waistline this Diwali.