Hollywood movies Getting abs is a lot about diet, a little about exercise, and all about attitude.
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8 Pack Abs, Here’s All You Need To Follow

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Agamoni Das

8 pack abs are basically about two things. First one is your dedication and secondly it’s all about a hardcore daily routine. And this daily routine depends both on your workout and diet regime. But before these all you need to be very much clear about how the process is going to be. Or else, 8 pack abs would just be a dream; no hard work is going to pay you off.


If you are planning for 8 pack abs, first go through a physical check-up. This will help you to know about how intensely you would be able to work on your body. Moreover if you have any problem regarding heart or if you have asthma or pain in any of your body part you would also get to know that and this will help you to plan accordingly.



As you know diet plays a major role in building your abs, you need to be highly aware about it. Count your calorie first. Make proteins the largest source of calories, then carbohydrate and then fat. Fat means the healthy source of fat that is the unsaturated fats and carbohydrate should be the complex one. Don’t forget to add a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits to your daily diet. And the more you will avoid the fried, processed and junk foods the more it will help you to build abs. 



Protein should be the most considerable part of your diet. To build the abs first you need to shed all the body fat. Because fat would never let your body to show the abs properly.  And once it is about losing fat, there is no substitute of protein.  Moreover proteins are important to build muscles. Divide your total protein requirement into several meals of your day. Make protein shakes at part of your diet and take lean proteins.


If it is about building your abs, definitely abdominal exercises are the most important part. Target the core muscles in your training. Crunches, planks and pushups all these are essential to show off those abs.


Beside the abdominal exercises focus on building the lean muscle mass. Starting from your chest, back, shoulder, legs and arms and definitely the abs, target all the major muscles. Focus on your resistance training. Deadlift, lunges, bench press, squats are equally important and beneficial too.



There is nothing like cardio to lose fat and you already know how much it is essential to lose fat to build up your abs. Treadmill, cycling, swimming, walking or aerobics all can be added to your cardio training.


Your breakfast should provide you the largest amount of calories, among the total calorie requirement. Make sure to have the breakfast within 30min once you wake up. And plan some good proteins and whole grains for your breakfast.



Alcohol can be a barrier to your abs. It is actually responsible for increasing your appetite. Moreover alcohol slows down the metabolic process, and this is the reason you need avoid it completely to build the abs.


These little things play a great role in building your abs. Since you are building muscle it is very important that you keep yourself hydrated. Drink a lot of water throughout the day.