Hollywood movies Anger is a completely normal, usually healthy, human emotion.You can learn to control those angry explosions.
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Anger, See How It Could Be Worst For Your Health

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Agamoni Das

Being angry does nothing but affects your own health. Short tempered or people who tend to get angry easily, are actually prone to several health risks. And these risks are not ignorable, moreover can be deadly sometimes. Even sometimes people do not get why they are angry just like they can’t even imagine how bad it could be for their health.  Here are the worst effects of anger on your health 




When you are angry, your heartbeat is generally very fast. Moreover anger actually disrupts the functioning of a healthy heart. Your unmanageable anger can even lead to heart attacks.


People who have a major problem of getting angry frequently are usually one with high blood pressure. And these sudden increases in the blood pressure not only cause heart attacks, it adds the chances of stroke.


 Anger has a big deal with your respiratory system. People who already have breathing problems are more at risk when they are angry. There is high risk of developing asthma as well. 





There are a lot of hormones interacting in your body when you are angry, which ultimately leads to hormonal imbalance. An imbalance in hormone levels can lead to sleeping disorders. On the other hand if you do not sleep properly, it can give you several reasons to get angry easily. To control your anger you need to take enough rest. 





 All these terms are proportional to your anger. When you are angry there is higher secretion of the hormone adrenaline that can cause stress. So, if you get angry, you will definitely be depressed, stressed and will end up developing headache. And this justifies the fact perfectly that anger affects nothing but your health only.   


Before getting angry in every little things, just remember that anger affects your normal body functioning. Reduced immunity power is one of them.


            handle your with care

1. The first and the best thing you could do is, make yourself aware about the deadly effects of anger on your health.

2. Yoga or meditation.

3. Speak it out in the easiest way.

4. Walk away from the situation.

5. Do any form of workout daily.