Hollywood movies Attention Ladies! Here are 6 Healthiest Berries for Healthy Heart!
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Attention Ladies! Here are 6 Healthiest Berries for Healthy Heart!

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Healthy living and high thinking is the trend of the hour!

Every individual soul wishes to stay healthy, whether a male or a female. Why wouldn’t one wish for a healthy body, when it gives the ease of living?
Well! When talking about health, the heart plays a vital role in creating a healthy and high functioning body system. Heart is considered as the most prominent body organ that works towards the right orientation of the body by pumping the right quantity of oxygenated blood to every single artery connecting the body organs.

Women health becomes a prime concern with growing age! The prime reason behind this fact is the negligence women folk show towards their health, as compared with the care taking of the rest of the family. This fact stands very true as most of the women above the age of 30 years either get busy with too much of professional concerns or family orientation, thereby, neglecting their own health. With this even the heart gets neglected, which is considered as the most important part of the body.

Reducing some of your worries being a female part of the society for a healthy heart is the magnificent role played by various berries for healthy heart.

Mentioned below are 6 healthiest berries for women’s heart; take a bite into it and forget about any extra effort to take care of your heart health:-



Blueberries contain highest level of compounds for widening the arteries for smooth blood flow. It lowers down the fat levels, as it is free of saturated fat, good source of fibre, vitamin C and rich in antioxidants content. This automatically lowers the heart attack risks.


Cranberries have special health benefits for women! It increases the HDL levels or the good cholesterol, along with playing as a preventer of urinary tract infections, as well.



These sweet berries enrich the heart health with the perfect fibre content with just half a cup intake. Low in fat and high in polyphenols it reduces the maximum chances of any type of heart risks. Moreover, it also fulfils the complete requirement of vitamin C and manganese too!ʉ۬

Acai berries

This Brazilian antioxidant and high fibre containing berry is at par with others like- blackberries, strawberries, and blueberries. Mixing it with smoothies, yogurt and oatmeal helps cutting down the bitter taste of the berry.


Strawberries are not only the most flavoursome berries but also the awesome vitamin C filled, heart-healthy ensured, as well. Similar to blueberries they also help widening the arteries, along with being a heart protector with high content of folate.




Blackberries are not only rich in polyphenols for preventing risks of cardiovascular diseases and cancer, but they also taste awesome. They contain the highest fibre amounts in comparison to any other fruit of its type. They are also rich in vitamin C, iron, calcium, and vitamin A, as well.

Choose any of the above berries for a healthy heart and healthy living too! Bake them with a pie, spread as jam on your breakfast whole-grain toast, or just have a handful of it for effective results.