Hollywood movies Beginner, Intermediate And Advanced – The Various Steps Of Yoga Asanas.
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Beginner, Intermediate And Advanced – The Various Steps Of Yoga Asanas.

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Probably I Have Mentioned This For 100 Times That Yoga Is The Best Habit One Can Ever Have. And Now It’s Time To Remind It Once Again. Since, Yoga Has The Remedy Of All Health Problems; It Is Quite Obvious That There Must Be A Lot Of Yogas. And It’s Not That Easy To Choose Which Yoga To Perform And Which To Not. Well, According To The Level Of Difficulty Yoga Asana Got Divided Into Three Steps And The Steps Are Beginner, Intermediate And Advanced Respectively. Each Level Helps To Increase Your Performance And Definitely The Flexibility. Let’s Start Your Yoga Asana According To These Three Levels –


1. Lie Flat On Your Back And Close Your Eyes.

2. Keep Your Legs Comfortable Apart And Let Your Feet And Knees Relax Completely, Toes Facing To The Sides.

3. Place Your Arms Alongside, Yet A Little Spread Apart From Your Body. Leave Your Palms Open, Facing Upward.

4. Taking Your Attention To Different Body Parts One By One, Slowly Relax Your Entire Body.

5. Begin With Bringing Your Awareness To The Right Foot, Move On To The Right Knee (As You Complete One Leg, Move Your Attention On To The Other Leg), And So On, And Slowly Move Upwards To Your Head, Relaxing Each Part Of The Body.

6. Keep Breathing Slowly, Gently, Deeply And Allow Your Breath To Relax You More And More. Just Be With The Body And The Breath. Surrender The Whole Body To The Floor And Let Go. Make Sure You Don’t Fall Asleep!

7. After Some Time, About 10-20minutes When You Feel Fully Relaxed, Keeping Your Eyes Closed; Slowly Roll Onto Your Right Side. Lie In That Position For A Minute Or So. Then, Taking The Support Of Your Right Hand, Gently Sit Up Into A Seated Pose.


1. Start With Your Feet Slightly Wider Than Hip Distance Apart. Pivot Your Feet So Your Toes Are Wider Than Your Heels.

2. Bend Your Knees Deeply, Sinking Down Until Your Hips Are Lower Than Your Knees, A Few Inches Off The Floor.

3. Bring Your Palms Together At Heart Center, And Wedge Your Elbows One At A Time, To The Inside Of Your Knees.

4. Push Your Elbows Into Your Knees To Open Your Hips, And Gently Press The Inside Of Your Knees Into Your Elbows. Draw Your Heart Forward And Up, Attempting To Bring Length Into Your Lower Back And Spine.

5. Stay Here For 30 Seconds To One Minute. To Get Out Of The Pose, Either Sit Back Onto Your Buttocks, Or Push Back Up To Standing.


1.  Stand Erect With Your Feet Together And Your Arms At Your Sides.

2. Press Your Weight Evenly Across The Balls And Arches Of Your Feet While Breathing Steadily And Rhythmically.

3. Lift And Spread Your Toes And The Balls Of Your Feet, Then Lay Them Gently On The Ground.

4. Firm Your Thigh Muscles And Lift Your Knee Caps, Without Tensing The Muscles Of Your Abdomen And Then Lift Your Inner Ankles To Strengthen The Inner Arches.

5. Imagine A Line Of Energy All The Way Up Along Your Inner Thighs To Your Groin And From There Through The Core Of Your Torso, Neck, And Head, And Out Through The Crown Of Your Head.

6. Turn Your Upper Thighs Slightly Inward. Lengthen Your Tailbone Toward The Floor And Lift Your Pubis Toward Your Navel.

7. Press Your Shoulder Blades Into Your Back, Then Widen Them Across And Release Them Down Your Back.

8. Without Pushing Your Lower Front Ribs Forward, Lift The Top Of Your Sternum Straight Towards The Ceiling.

9. Widen Your Collarbones And Hang Your Arms Beside Your Torso.

10. Align The Crown Of Your Head Directly Over The Center Of Your Pelvis, With The Underside Of Your Chin Parallel To The Floor. Your Tongue Should Be Wide And Flat On The Floor Of Your Mouth. Look Slightly Upward.

11. Stay In The Pose For 30 Seconds To 1 Minute, Breathing Easily.

Intermediate Yoga Asanas


1. Stand Erect With Your Feet Slightly Apart.

2. Stretch Your Hands To The Front With Palms Facing Downwards. Do Not Bend Your Elbows.

3. Bend The Knees And Gently Push Your Pelvis Down As If You Are Sitting In An Imaginary Chair.

4. Be Comfortable Or At Least Try To Be! To Get A Better Feel Of The Chair Pose, Imagine Reading A Newspaper Or Typing On A Laptop As You Remain Seated.

5. Ensure That You Keep Your Hands Parallel To The Ground.

6. With Awareness, Sit Straight And Lengthen Your Spine. Relax.

7. Keep Breathing And Flip Through The Pages Of The Newspaper, Enjoying National And International News.

8. Sink Deeper Into The Chair By Gradually Going Down But Ensure That Your Knees Don’t Go Beyond Your Toes.

9. Keep Going Down Slowly And Then Sit Down In Sukhasana (Cross-legged Posture). If You Want, You May Lie Down On Your Back And Relax.


1. Begin By Standing In Tadasana, Then Bend Your Knees And Lift Your Left Foot Up To Cross It Over The Right One.

2. Ensure That Right Foot Is Firmly Placed On The Floor And The Left Thigh Is Over The Right Thigh. Your Left Foot’s Toes Should Be Pointing Downwards.

3. Bring Your Arms Forwards While Keeping Them Parallel To The Floor.

4. Cross The Right Arm Over The Left One And Bend Your Elbows So That Your Arms Are Now Perpendicular To The Floor. Ensure That The Back Of Your Hands Are Facing Each Other.

5.slowly Turn The Hands So That The Palms Face Each Other.

6. Pressing The Palms Together, Stretch The Fingers Upwards.

7. Keeping Your Gaze Focused At One Place, Stay In This Pose For A Couple Of Breaths.

8. Slowly Release The Hands And Bring Them To The Side Of Your Body.

9. Raise Your Left Leg And Place It Back On The Floor And Slowly Come Back Into Tadasana.


1. Lie On Your Stomach With Your Feet Hip-width Apart And Your Arms By The Side Of Your Body.

2. Fold Your Knees, Take Your Hands Backwards And Hold Your Ankles.

3. Breathing In, Lift Your Chest Off The Ground And Pull Your Legs Up And Back.

4. Look Straight Ahead With A Smile On Your Face.

5. Keep The Pose Stable While Paying Attention To Your Breath. Your Body Is Now Curved And Taut As A Bow.

6. Continue To Take Long Deep Breaths As You Relax In This Pose. But Bend Only As Far As Your Body Permits You To. Do Not Overdo The Stretch.

7. After 15 -20 Seconds, As You Exhale, Gently Bring Your Legs And Chest To The Ground. Release The Ankles And Relax.

Advanced Yoga Asanas

One Legged King Pigeon Pose

1. Settle Into Pigeon By Adjusting The Front Foot—heel Closer To The Pelvis For Tighter Hips And Groin, Or Right Shin More Parallel To The Short Edge Of The Front Of The Mat If You Feel More Flexible.

2. Do Not Twist The Ankle And Refrain From Holding Any Position That Creates Pain In The Knee Joint.

3. Align The Left Leg, Keeping The Front Of The Foot Pressing Into The Mat And Gently Rotating Your Left Hip Bone Forward.

4. From Pigeon, Bend Your Left Knee, Moving Your Foot Toward Your Spine Rather Than Shifting Off To One Side As You Would Do In Mermaid.

5. Extend Both Arms Overhead, Keeping The Spine Tall.

6. Bend Your Elbows, Reaching Back For Your Foot. Make Sure You Keep Your Foot Active (Slightly Flexed Or Pointed) To Protect The Ankle.

7. Lift Your Gaze Toward The Sky Without Collapsing The Cervical Spine.

8. Release After Five To 10 Breaths And Repeat On The Other Side.

Scorpion Pose

1. Relax The Whole Body. Bend The Knees And Arch Your Back. Get Ready To Shift Your Hands So That You Rest Entirely On The Forearm. This Step Has To Be Done Slowly And Carefully.

2. The Hands Should Be Next To Each Other, Parallel To Each Other Supporting The Weight Of The Entire Body.

3. Try To Relax The Whole Body In This Position. This Is One Level Of The Practice. One Can Go Further If One Wishes By Arching The Back Further.

4. One Can Bend The Back Further And The Legs Can Drop Further Towards The Head. Also Raise The Head Slightly To Meet The Legs. In This Stage Of Practice, The Legs Will Touch The Top Of The Head.

5. Try To Maintain This Position For As Long As Comfortable. Initially One Should Try For Only 30 Seconds Or So. Later It Can Be Increased To 5 Minutes Or More.

Peacock Pose

1. Bring Your Hands Next To One Another Underneath Your Bellybutton. Bend Your Elbows And Press Your Little Fingers Together, Making A Connection All The Way Up To Your Elbows.

2. Engage Your Core And Lean Forward, Setting Your Core Onto Your Elbow And Triceps Shelf.

3. Bring Your Gaze Forward And Shift Your Weight Forward.

4. Keep Pressing Your Arms Towards One Another And Lift Your Upper Back Up Slightly.

5. Extend Your Legs Back One At A Time Into A Plank-like Position.

6. Engage The Backs Of Your Legs And Squeeze Your Inner Thighs Together.

7. Play Around With Your Balance, Floating One Leg A Time, Until You Can Eventually Lift And Balance Both Legs In The Air.