Hollywood movies If your stomach feels hard and swollen, it could be the result of something you ate or drank.
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Bid A Goodbye To Your Hard Stomach, Here Is All You Need To Do

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Agamoni Das

A hard stomach, beer belly or a fat belly whatever you may term it, they are not at all peaceful. First let me clear you something about a hard stomach. Due to an excess accumulation of visceral fat in the abdomen which is firmly distributed throughout the belly, your body builds a hard stomach. Now this hard stomach can put you at several health risks, starting from heart diseases to blood sugar and blood pressure. Moreover, Beer belly may sound cool, but doesn’t look cool. So, here is all you need to do to cut down your hard stomach.



Well, cardio is the best possible way to reduce your belly fat and this has been scientifically proven. Just hit the gym and make it happen. And apart from the gym equipments you can do it by your own. Jumping rope will pay you off soon. Or if you have a treadmill, that’s an option as well. And the simplest option could be running. When you run or walk, you burn calories which ultimately burn your belly fats. You can consider aerobics as well.


You need to work on your muscle mass to avoid the layers of fat on your muscle. Strength training would help you to get a toned body.



A diet rich in insoluble fibre is a way to lose weight. Instead of those unhealthy fats, add a good amount of fibre to your daily diet. This will also help you to get rid of constipation, which can be a reason that your belly is increasing.



Since you are cutting down the fat from your diet, protein will play a crucial role. The best part is protein makes your stomach satisfied for very long and reduces the pangs of hunger. This will be step to fight against those visceral fats



contain omega-3 fatty acid, which are mostly known to be good for your heart. When you have visceral fat in your body you increase the risk of heart diseases, so fatty fishes would help you to keep the heart healthy. Plus omega-3 fatty acid can replace the unhealthy fats with healthy fats in your body.



The term beer belly itself is enough to describe that alcohol leads to store belly fat. Though beer contains a little amount of alcohol but a chilled beer will definitely add some calories. And not only the beer, any other alcohol contains rich amount of calories which are empty calories not required by your body. So, it’s better to avoid alcohol to cut down the belly fat. Isn’t it?


Carbonated drinks are responsible for the same reason as alcohol is. They provide you empty calories; and you are no way allowed to have these calories.


Avoid the fats are bad for your health like the saturated fats. And for that just say no to any junk foods, fried foods, chips, pastries and all. Use the oils that contain unsaturated fats for regular cooking.  



When you are stressed, your body produces the hormone cortisol. And cortisol is responsible for increasing appetite. Even this has been a known fact that people tend to eat more when they are stressed, and the crave for the unhealthy foods are more at that time.



These two things are very important for living a healthy life. Water plays a great role in losing weight, so drink a lot of water. And studies have shown that you need proper sleep to lose weight as well.