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Bleeding Gums, How To Cure At Home.

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Agamoni Das


Bleeding gums are one of the worst problems we face, but sadly the most neglected one. Neglected in the sense, because it takes very little concern to avoid bleeding gums. But many a time people ignore it absolutely, until they have to visit the doctor. If your gums are bleeding few often, if there is any redness or even swelling, be proactive. Here is a simple list that you should follow regularly to avoid bleeding gums.

Rinse Your Mouth Often


Salt Water :

Rinsing your mouth with luke warm salt water is a healthy habit indeed. Moreover, it is essential for people who suffer from gum disorders. It protects from any kind of gum infection. 

H2O2 :

Rinse your mouth with Hydrogen Peroxide after brushing. It not only cures gum bleeding, but also makes your teeth whiter. Don’t swallow the solution, make sure that.

Coconut oil :

Coconut oil has anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce gum inflammation. Additionally it contains healing properties as well. 

Do Not Smoke

Studies have shown that smoking is one of the reasons that your gum bleed. And the clarification is smoking reduces immunity and low immunity does not allow the gums to heal. In order to get rid of gum disorders stop smoking immediately, otherwise it may worsen the case.


Massage your gums gently with a little honey twice a day. Honey has anti-bacterial properties which means helps your gum to prevent any kind of bacteria formation.


Brush Your Teeth Properly

First of all you need to brush twice a day. Brushing plays a major role to avoid gum problems. If you do not brush your teeth properly foods get stacked and that forms plaque within the gums. Plaques are made of bacterias that are supposed to spread. Hence, brush carefully.

Vitamin-C Rich Foods
 Vitamin-C deficient diet can be a major reason for gum bleeding. In fact scurvy that is alternatively known as vitamin-c deficiency disease, is mostly characterized by ulceration of gums. If you have gum problems make your diet rich in vitamin-C, since it increases the immunity level which helps to heal fast. Whereas orange is the richest source of vitamin-c, kiwi, guava, lemon, berries, bell pepper, papaya, mango etc are also in the list.

Foods Rich in Vitamin-K
Vitamin-K helps in blood clotting. Therefore a diet rich in vitamin-K can play active role to heal gum bleeding, whereas, a diet deficient in vitamin-k can delay the blood clotting. Green leafy vegetables, meat, egg, fish etc are rich source of vitamin-K.

Dairy Foods
Dairy foods provide you the calcium required to build healthy teeth. Dairy foods such as milk, yogurt, and cheese can maintain a healthy balance of calcium in your diet, which ultimately helps you with strong teeth and gums. Even drinking a glass of milk whenever your gum is bleeding can stop it, as milk contains calcium and vitamin-k two major component for blood clotting.

Avoid Sugar
Sugars are responsible for the formation of bacteria in gums. Hence, avoid the sugary foods, candies and all. Candies are anyway unhealthy for your oral health.