Hollywood movies A breast self-exam for breast awareness is an inspection of your breasts that you do on your own.
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Breast Test By Yourself, An Essential Initiative For Women

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Agamoni Das

Breast Cancer has been one of the major concerns, but sadly we do least as we think. Most of you are aware about breast cancer, about the risks and all. Well, if you are genuinely aware you must take the initiative ‘Breast Test’. This is the most initial and essential part, to avoid the risks of breast cancer. You don’t need to go to the clinic, it’s just in your home and you, by yourself are going to test. Breast Test is the best possible way to start the treatment if you have breast cancer, and if you don’t have you can be sure about it. Go with the following steps, if you find anything wrong as mentioned in the following, do not panic, and consult with your doctor.




1. Stand in front of the mirror. Keep your hands on your hips. Make sure that your body is straight, don’t bend your shoulder.
2. Now you have to look for that changes that are unusual. Is there anything change in the size or shape? Also look if there is any swelling part in your breast or it as normally shaped as it is.
3. There should not be any redness or soreness in the skin.
5. look at the nipple, whether it is outward or it is in inward position. Inward position is not normal.


The first step was about keeping your hands on your heap. The next step is quite similar but you have to raise your hand and look for the same changes as mentioned in the previous.


1. Notice that if any fluid is secreting from the nipples.
2. The fluid may be milky, or watery. Also it can be blood or any other yellowish fluid. This kind of fluid secretion is not normal.


This step is all about a touch. Touch your breast when you are lying, when you are standing or sitting. Touch it vertically or in circular motion with a little press. Make sure that you are covering the entire breast part. Starting from collarbone to the upper side of your abdomen and from your cleavage to armpit. If there is anything wrong you will feel a lump. But the main thing is there may be something lumpy which is not always a threat. Notice how much bigger the lump is feeling, and the best option would be consultation of the doctor.



1. Do not test it during the menstruation. Because there are hormonal changes that can lead your test wrong. During the menstruation due to the hormonal changes there is little change in the breast size. Perform the test after few days your cycle.
2. Keep a proper gap, if you are checking it at the first of the month, or middle or last, make sure that you are performing the test at the same time of the next month.