Hollywood movies Chasteberry – Has Some Unexpected Side Effects. Have A Look
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Chasteberry – Has Some Unexpected Side Effects. Have A Look

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Agamoni Das

Chasteberry Is Actually The Fruit Of A Chaste Tree. There Is No Doubt That It Is Beneficial. It Potentially Benefits Your Reproductive Health And Menstrual Health. But The Problem Is, Chasteberry Has Some Side Effects As Well. So, You Need To Keep That In Your Mind. Well, Have A Look On Those Side Effects –

Avoid Chasteberry During Pregnancy And Lactating Period

During Pregnancy Or Lactation There Are Huge Ups And Downs Of Hormonal Balance. And Chasteberry Can Affect This Hormonal Balance. Therefore It Is Better To Avoid Chasteberry During These Periods.

Weight Gain

Not In Every Case, But Chasteberry Can Be A Cause Of Weight Gain. It Deals With The Hormones Which Can Cause Deposition Of Fats In The Body. It Can Make You Feel That You Have Gained Weight.

Digestion Problems

Chasteberry Can Affect Your Stomach And Can Form Digestive Problems. Even Side Effects Can Lead To Diarrhoea At The Same Time.

Nausea And Vomiting

The Side Effects Of Chasteberry Also Include Nausea Or Vomiting In The List. So, If You Find This Problem Then Go For Some Another Herb.

It Can Be Allergic

It Is Highly Recommended That Do Check First, If You Are Allergic To Chasteberry Or Not. Because It Has Some Chemicals Which Can Be A Reason For Irritation In The Skin. So, If Any Rashes Or Anything Else Appear In The Skin After Having Chasteberry, Do Consult A Doctor.


Acne Can Be A Result Of Hormonal Imbalance. And As Said In The Previous That Chasteberry Can Form Hormonal Imbalance, Which Ultimately Leads To Acne.

Decreases Drug Activity

Due To The Presence F Such Chemicals, Chasteberry Deals With The Activity Of Certain Medicines. Like It Decreases The Efficiency Of Oral Contraceptive Pills Or The Medicines Of Parkinson’s Disease.


Having Too Much Chasteberry Can Make You Suffer From Headache, Even In Some Cases Migraine As Well. If You Already Have Migraine Problem Think Twice Before Having Chasteberry.


Again It Is Caused By The Hormones. Having Chasteberry Can Make Your Brain Unable To Interpret The Sleeping Order. And Thereby It May Cause Insomnia, But Not In Large Scale.

Dizziness And Vertigo

Chasteberry Can Give Birth To Vertigo Problem. Also There May Be Dizziness Or Other Uncomfortness.