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Dash Diet For High Blood Pressure And Healthy Weight Lossa

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DASH – Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. The Dash diet is actually a dietary pattern, promoted to prevent and control hypertension. In addition to its effect on blood pressure, it is designed to be a well balanced approach to eating for the general public. Dash diet is based on studies which state that it is one of the ideal eating plans.


The Dash diet was designed to provide liberal amounts of key nutrients. This diet also features a high quotient of anti-oxidant rich foods to retard or prevent chronic health problems including cancer, heart disease and stroke. Dash diet is based on these following guidelines –
1. Eat more vegetables and fruits.
2. Use vegetable oils for cooking.
3. Eat refined grains for whole grains.
4. Take low fat or fat free dairy products.
5. Eat lean protein sources like fish, poultry, nuts and beans.
6. Restrict sugar sweetened foods and foods rich in fats.
7. Avoid beverages and red meat.


Dash diet, the name itself was designed on the basis of the fact that it can control the high blood pressure. Nowadays most of the people have to take pills because of high blood pressure. And Dash diet not only reduces the blood pressure, but also controls the blood pressure of people who are not having high blood pressure.
Having Dash diet with restricted salt is the best way to get the result. The diet is specially designed and has a huge impact on your blood pressure.


The original Dash diet research was not originally designed for weight loss. It was developed as an eating style to help lower the blood pressure. But as healthy weight loss is important, a weight loss plan based on the core Dash diet was developed and it has been proved that Dash diet plan is effective for weight loss as well.

Dash diet also aims to make you healthier, lighter and physically fit from the inside. Dash diet is mainly based on the natural foods like fruits and vegetable, also low in fat and optimum amount of protein. So, it is obvious that it would help in weight loss. And the best part about Dash diet is, it won’t make you feel like you are eating less, but still helps in reducing weight. And if you have hi8gh blood pressure it is important to look after on your weight. In that case Dash diet is highly recommended.