Hollywood movies Dengue fever (breakbone fever) is a disease transmitted by a mosquito bite.
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Dengue On Rise Again: Here's How You Can Protect Yourself

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Vishal Aaditya Kundu

The dangerous Dengue is on a rise again, and some of the densely populated areas has been hit recently. The of dengue contamination is multiplying day by day.

Dengue is very common in Southeast Asia western Pacific countries, specially India.
Dengue immunizations are still not in on the effective side, and the best way is to avoid and diminish mosquito growth. If we can protect mosquito breeding, we can keep dengue cases to the least number possible.

Side Effects

The Dengue generally show no signs in the early stage and the indications amid the dengue fever are very hard to comprehend. At the point when side effects do happen, they as a rule start four to seven days after you are already bitten by a mosquito carrying dengue.
Dengue fever causes a high fever — 104 Fahrenheit degrees — and no less than two of the accompanying side effects:

1. Migraine/ Severe Headache
Muscle, bone and joint torment.


2. Nausea
Vomiting tendency and swollen organs.
A great many people recperate inside a week or somewhere in the vicinity. Now and again, growth of the virus compound and can move toward becoming hazardous.

You will experience shrills regularly which will wind up your veins harmed and cracked. Furthermore, the quantity of clump shaping cells (platelets) in your circulation system will drops significantly. This can cause an extreme fever called dengue hemorrhagic fever, which causes serious dengue.
Signs and side effects of dengue hemorrhagic fever or serious dengue — a hazardous crisis — include:


·         Extreme stomach ache

       ·         Constant spewing

       ·         Bleeding from your gums or nose

       ·         Blood in your urine, stool

       ·         Seeping under the skin, which may look like wounding

       ·         Troublesome or quick relaxing

        ·         Chilly or damp skin

        ·         Extreme weakness

        ·         Peevishness or anxiety

When You Should Visit The Doctor?


As early as possible. Don't try to treat dengue on your own. Never!

Dengue fever is known to happen and can create crisis manifestations, for example, serious stomach torment, retching, trouble breathing, or blood in your nose, gums, regurgitation or stools.
On the off chance that you build up a fever and milder side effects normal to dengue fever, call the doctor.

How To Prevent Dengue?

Remain in aerated and cooled or very much screened lodging. The mosquitoes that convey the dengue infections are most dynamic from day break to nightfall, yet they can likewise nibble around evening time.

Wear defensive apparel. When you go into mosquito-invaded regions, wear a since a long time ago sleeved shirt, long jeans, socks and shoes.

Using mosquito repellents and creams are good idea. Permethrin can be connected to your garments, shoes, outdoors apparatus and bed netting. You can likewise purchase dressing made with permethrin as of now in it. For your skin, utilize an anti-agents containing no less than a 10 percent centralization of DEET.

Get rid of mosquito inhabitants and clear off probable breeding locations. Mosquitoes that convey the dengue infection regularly live in and around houses, reproducing in standing water that can gather in such things as utilized car tires.


You can help to bring down mosquito populaces by dispensing with living spaces where they lay their eggs.

In any event once per week, unfilled and clean compartments that hold standing water, for example, planting holders, creature dishes and blossom vases. Continue standing water compartments secured between cleanings.

Follow these methods to prevent mosquito breeding and dengue.

In case of an dengue emergency, do positively visit the doctor.