Hollywood movies Dry Nose? Not To Worry Anymore. Here Are Some Home Remedies
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Dry Nose? Not To Worry Anymore. Here Are Some Home Remedies

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Nose Is One Of The Most Sensitive Body Parts. And Dry Nose Is A Terrible Problem. It Can Also Affect The Respiratory System. In Cold Or Dry Weather, There Are Many People Who Suffer From This Problem And The Worst Part Is It Makes You Uncomfortable. But Dry Nose Can Be Treated By Home Remedies. Have A Look –

Almond And Aloevera Gel

Almond Oil, Mixed With Aloevera Gel Is A Good Moisturizer For Dry Nose. Take A Cotton Ball And Use This Moisturizer In The Nostrils. Only Almond Oil Or Only Aloevera Gel Can Also Be Workful.

Mustard Oil

Use Of Mustard Oil In The Cold Is Popular, Since The Time Immemorial. To Treat The Dry Nose Or To Get Relief From Blockage, Even To Treat The Cold, There Is No Alternative Of Mustard Oil. Use 2-3 Drops Mustard Oil Into The Nostrils.

Coconut Oil/ Sesame Oil

Coconut Oil Can Provide You Instant Relief. 2-3 Drops Of Coconut Oil Can Be A Good Treat To Your Dryness And Other Related Discomfort. Sesame Oil Has The Same Benefits As Well.

Petroleum Jelly

There Is No Doubt About The Moisturizing Effect Of Petroleum Jelly. You Can Use This In The Nostrils To Get Relief From The Dry Nose.


Dry Nose Can Get Worst In A Dry Weather. Using Of Humidifiers In The Room Can Increase The Humidity. And By Doing That When You Inhale, The Moisture Filled Air Is Being Passed Through The Nostrils Instead Of Dry Air.


Use Cotton To Swab The Glycerine Into The Nostril. Or You Can Add 2-3 Drops Glycerine Into In The Nose. This Is Genuinely Effective.


This Is The Most Popular Remedy. Steam Inhale Can Be An Instant Treat To Dry Nose And Can Give You The Real Comfort.

Steam Bath

Steam Bathing Has A Lot To Do With Dry Nose. The Warm Vapour Of Steam Bath Is A Remedy For Blocked Nose Or Dryness.

Salt Water

Add A Little Amount Of Salt To The Warm Water. You Can Rinse The Nostrils With This Solution Or You Can Spray This Solution Into The Nostrils.

Be Hydrated

If You Have A Dry Nose Problem, Then Its More Important For You To Keep Yourself Hydrated Always. Dryness Can Occur Due To Dry Tissues.