Hollywood movies Find Out Whether Running is Good or Bad for Your Knees!
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Find Out Whether Running is Good or Bad for Your Knees!

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Running is considered as one of the most effective and result-oriented physical workouts. It is also considered as one of the easiest workouts. Covering the complete benefits of the various toning and strengthening workouts, running is considered to be an overhaul physical fitness session that benefits the entire body. Thus, when such questions emerge, it needs an expert guidance to generate the fact. Running not only tones the entire body but also gives an inner strength and stamina boost to the body. This makes the body functional in higher domain.

Well talking about the effects of running on knees or to be precise deciding on the benefit or harmful effect of running, several points have been coming and going. Apart from the genetic imbalances, running has yet not been solely considered as deteriorate factor for any of the body parts or joints.

This in simple terms means running isn’t considered bad for your knees.

Yes! Experts have been supporting this point on a high scale and are in the favour of the fact that none of the knee deteriorations are solely due to running. However, there could be other factors like- a genetic disorder or excessive running far above the body’s capacity. This means if your dad had arthritis, you can be a future patient of the same, but one cannot blame running as a contributor to this condition. Also, unnecessary pushing your levels of running beyond what your body can take can be another factor that may lead to bone deteriorations and knee problems.

As per the similar conditional study in Brigham Young University, running has appeared to reduce the knee joint inflammations in spite of increasing it, as per the common fact of belief. Studies have proved that running is the greatest contributor towards protecting the knees in the long run against various bone deteriorating disease like- osteo-arthritis, etc.

In order to test this condition, samples have been analyzed out of the fluids taken from the knee joints of regular healthy men and women from the age group of 18-35 years, before and after a 30 minutes run. The synovial fluid for 2 major proteins (GM-CSF and IL-15) that are the indicators of harmful inflammation was measured. Both these proteins level was observed to trail down, after the 30 minutes run. This automatically suggested an overall inflammation decrease in the joints. To be more precise, a further “control” test was performed to identify any other contributing factor to this condition using the same fluid samples before and after the 30 minute rest cycle. Protein levels remained intact in these samples.

The knee joints are a very flexible joint with a spongy C-shape meniscal cartilage that has a high capability of absorbing any external force and support your legs movements. Over-running can however deteriorate this cushioning effect. Thus, running for a healthy body, without those excessive runs affecting your knee joint cushions is always recommended. This will not only keep your body toned, but also provide the right strength to your body, as well.

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