Hollywood movies Hypomenorrhea is a health condition whereby the flow of menstrual cycle is very low.
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Hypomenorrhea - Why Your Period Is Shorter Than Usual.

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Agamoni Das

Period, itself is a cause of headache, uncomfortness along with many other troubles. And the cherry on the cake is when you are having a heavy bleeding day or not having the period normal. While the first one makes you uncomfortable, the second one can be a reason to worry. Hypomenorrhea is the condition when your period is shorter than the normal and there could be a few reasons of Hypomenorrhea –


It is a condition when the female body produces less female hormones and more male hormones. And this leads to a barrier to the normal period. You can even miss your period sometimes.


If your body gains weight or losses weight exclusively then there can be chance that you have shorter period.



One of the major side effects of contraceptive is irregular period or shorter period. So, if you are taking birth control pills, then it can be a reason that your period is not normal as these pills can affect the regular flow. Not only the flow, the cycle can be disturbed as well.


Your regular medicines can have a deal with your period. And mostly the steroids and the anti-depressant drugs are responsible for it. So, if you find anything abnormal discuss with your physician.



It is the most important fact that period is all about hormonal balance. If the hormones concerned for period is not working the way they should, then there is a definite cause of irregular period.


Ovarian insufficiency is a condition when the ovaries are not functioning properly, which leads to affect the regular period.



It is the known fact that you will miss your period once you are pregnant. But there can be an exception. If your normal flow falls very suddenly, then you can go for a pregnancy test. If you are pregnant then definitely it will lead to missed periods.



The hormone Prolactin that deals with the milk production during the lactating period is the same hormone that suppresses the ovulation hormones. So, when you are breast feeding and you are supposed to have shorter period than the normal.



Stress is one of the major reasons for shorter period, even the period can be skipped. The stress hormones adrenalin and cortisol can affect the reproductive system, as a result it affects your menstrual cycle.


Thyroid has a direct deal with your period. Not only the thyroid hormones but also the medication for thyroid can affect your period.


So, your period can be shorter even when it is about menopause. When you are close to menopause it will be automatically less due to some hormonal changes. And this symptom is quite natural.